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MobilityWOD Mush Ball - Case

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MobilityWOD Mush Ball - Case

The Mobility WOD MUSH Ball HC, brought to you by Rogue Fitness, is an innovative, high-performance mobility device designed to help improve flexibility and muscle activation. The ball is comprised of a soft, mushroom-shaped foam core with a strong outer shell that creates a unique, high-density surface. The unique shape allows the the ball to provide targeted compression to muscles, making it perfect for foam rolling and targeted soft-tissue therapy. The ball is perfect for relieving tightness, stimulating blood flow and breaking up adhesions in muscles to improve overall performance and recovery. The ball can also be used for dynamic stretching and activating weak muscles. The product is available in three different sizes, and each size is color-coded for easy identification. Furthermore, the ball is built to be long-lasting, as the outer casing is made from durable, high-grade materials to ensure the ball maintains its shape and integrity over the long term. The Mobility WOD MUSH Ball HC is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone looking to take their mobility and recovery regimen to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Made with high-durability rubber

• Comes in two sizes

• Textured surface for better grip

• Perfect for stretching and mobility exercises

• Compact, lightweight, and portable

• Can be used for physical therapy


• Can be expensive compared to other products

• Can be too small for those with larger hands

• Will need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

✅ Improves mobility and flexibility

✅ Conforms to your body and the contours of your muscles

✅ Easy to use and carry

✅ Great for loosening tight muscles

✅ Durable and made with high-quality materials

Should Not Buy:

❌ Expensive product

❌ Not recommended for heavy use and intense workouts

❌ Not suitable for athletes


• 6 cm diameter

• Soft touch feel

• PVC material

• Textured surface

• Multi-directional knobbly design

• Portable and compact for storage

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