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MobilityWOD BattleStar - Case

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MobilityWOD BattleStar - Case

The MobilityWOD Battlestar HC from Rogue Fitness is a serious piece of equipment for those looking to maximize their abilities for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting pursuits. This is a solid steel archway that's built to last and will easily stand up to the pressure of your training. Its adjustable height design makes it suitable for lifters of all sizes, while the integral J-cups offer a secure and safe spot for a barbell. Its textured finish and powder-coat protection will allow it to resist scratches, rust, and corrosion. The two included resistance bands provide an additional challenge during workouts, and can also be used during mobility drills. Its seven-foot width ensures plenty of room to work with during all your lifts and exercises. The 1.75" diameter bars offer enough stability to handle a variety of loads. The included MobilityWOD Battlestar stands make it easy to transport and set up in any gym or home. Whether you’re new to weightlifting or an experienced lifter, the Rogue Fitness MobilityWOD Battlestar HC will make a great addition to your training routine.

  • BattleStar™ Cradle

    In Stock


  • Little BattleStar™ 2.0

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  • Big BattleStar™ 2.0

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  • X-Wing Handles (Pair)

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Pros & Cons


• Adjustable to different heights

• Compact and lightweight

• Attaches and secures to a barbell for a variety of movements

• Helps improve strength, range of motion, and technique

• Slim profile for easy storage


• Expensive

• Not suitable for all types of exercises

• May be difficult to attach to a barbell without the appropriate tools

• May require assistance from a partner to adjust the height

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals who are serious about improving their mobility

• Athletes looking to enhance performance

• People looking for a sturdy and reliable back rack

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for a more affordable solution

• People who don't need a large rack

• Individuals who don't need additional programming and assistance features


•Black shell and lightweight

•9.75-inch diameter

•Thicknesses: Ultra Soft (0.5"), Soft (1"), Super Soft (2"), and Super Super Soft (3")

•Firm and dense inner core for stability

•Latex-free, antimicrobial foam

MobilityWOD BattleStar - Case$37.99Highly DurableClear
FitBeast Foam Roller Storage Bag$9.95Highly DurableClear
Black Mountain High-Density Foam Roller Case$23.99Highly DurableTranslucent
Mgaxyff Foam Roller Carrying Bag$21.76Moderately DurableOpaque

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