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MobilityWOD Positioning Posters

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MobilityWOD Positioning Posters

The MobilityWOD Positioning Posters by Rogue Fitness offer a complete suite of printed handstand, flexibility, compensation, and positioning blocks, designed to help users improve their posture, form, and functional mobility. The 36” x 48” posters feature a detailed central illustration and instructions as well as supplemental images depicting the proper form for each skillset. The images, which cover 10 different skill sets including front lever, butterfly, and pistol squats, are printed on heavyweight, 11 oz matte poster paper with protective lamination for durability. The images feature labels for individual muscles, active and passive stretching, and nerve entrances and exits, providing an in-depth look at body mechanics. For convenience, the posters are also cut to fit standard poster frames. This set is a great solution for athletes, trainers, and coaches looking to hone their skills and/or better understand the proper posture and form for specific activities. In addition, the durable protective coating will help ensure the posters last long-term for continued use.

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Pros & Cons


• Includes three 18" x 24" posters to cover several topics focusing on mobility

• Provide clear, easy to understand visual explanations of how to make positive movements for improved mobility

• Developed with help of leading professionals in mobility and strength


• Only available in paper form

• Cannot be used by athletes that lack manual dexterity or language comprehension

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People looking for an effective way to improve their mobility for weight training, running, and other activities.

• Athletes looking to recover from a sports-related injury.

• Physical therapists who want to provide their patients with an organized and comprehensive exercise program.

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who feel they don't need to improve their mobility.

• People who are able to afford regular visits to physical therapists.

• People who do not have sufficient space to hang up the posters.


•Set of 3 Posters (9”x12”), each poster consists of 4 illustrations

•High resolution illustrations printed to offset litho standards

•Designed and illustrated by an experienced physical therapist

•Foster biomechanical understanding of natural movement

•Help correct muscular imbalances and improve mobility

•Each poster explains 3 positions for neck, shoulders, thoracic spine, upper back and hips

•Quick reference guide to identify and correct typical issues

•Align body posture safely and efficiently

•Ideal for yoga, CrossFit and general fitness movements

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