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Monster Lean-To Bar Rack

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Monster Lean-To Bar Rack

The Rogue Monster Lean-to Bar Rack is a power and multi-functional rack made with 11-gauge steel and capable of holding 800 lbs. The two top supported endcaps are removable and adjustable, and the whole rack measures 97 inches tall and 44 inches deep. The product also includes safety spotter arms and premium dutch-style J-cups for easy bar storage. The bar you choose for benching, squatting, or press activities can be easily loaded onto the rack and secured between the pin and sleeve capacity. The design allows users to use the rack in a corner or against a wall. As an added level of stability, the 5/8 inch anchor holes in each foot of the rack can be secured to the ground for added security. The rack's powder-coat finish keeps it looking great and provides corrosion resistance. The multiple optional add-ons allow users to tailor the rack to their own needs. For example, you can add spotter arms, strip markers, number plates, weight horns, rope climb attachment, and more. This product is perfect for anyone looking to get a solid, reliable and multi-functional rack to develop and hone their lifting skills. The extra accessories expand your lifting options and the easy-to-use design makes it an essential addition to any home gym.

  • Monster Lean-To Bar Rack

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  • Monster Lean-To Bar Rack Bar Socket Set (Pair)

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Pros & Cons


• Sturdy steel frame design

• Multiple hole configurations for Olympic/power bars

• Space-saving design

• Included j-hooks for easy storage

• Bonus pull-up bar and monkey bars


• Expensive compared to other racks

• Heavy weight, difficult to move around

• No side or back callers for added security

Who Should Buy

* Who Should Buy:

* Anyone looking for a versatile, sturdy weight lifting stand

* Anyone with intention of doing Olympic lifting

* People with limited space in their homes

* Weightlifters who need to perform multiple exercises

* Who Should Not Buy:

* People on a tight budget

* People who don't need versatility in their lifting stand

* People who don't intend to use the Olympic-style lifts

* People with plenty of open space in their homes


-Holds up to (5) 2”x3” Rogue Monster Series racks

-Frames constructed from 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights and zinc-coated hardware

-Available in two color options: Black and Dark Gray

-Uprights are 109" in Height when installed

-Sturdy feet and wall brackets attached for wall mounting

-Top 5 Varied Lengths available ranging from 69" - 94" in width

-Each Length includes (2) sets of J-Cups to hold barbells

-10-Year Warranty on frame

Steel GaugeWeight Capacity
11 Gauge (3mm)1500 lbs
11 Gauge (3mm)1000 lbs
11 Gauge (3mm)1500 lbs
13 Gauge (2mm)1000 lbs

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