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Monster Lite LT-1 50 CAL™ Trolley™ 2.0 & Lever Arm Kit

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Monster Lite LT-1 50 CAL™ Trolley™ 2.0 & Lever Arm Kit

The Monster Lite Lite Trolley 2.0 and Lever Arm Kit from Rogue Fitness was created to give athletes a portable, adjustable, and adjustable trolley system for use in powerlifting, weightlifting and other strength training exercises. This system's main piece is constructed from 3x3 11-gauge steel and equipped with Westside hole spacing, numbered uprights, and 0.25-inch holes for increased versatility. It has a generous load capacity of 1,500 lbs. The Monster Lite Trolley 2.0 and Lever Arm Kit also offers lever arm attachments – enabling users to attach band pegs, Landmine attachments and 0.625-inch holes. The kit is designed to be moved around a gym or garage with ease, as it has two interior 4” locking casters and two 8” exterior wheels. The 8" wheels feature grippy rubber tread for increased stability. The base also features a weight storage pin for easy storage and loading. This trolley system requires minimal assembly and is complete with premium hardware and laser-cut numbering for easy adjustments. Additionally, the Lever Arm Kit features fully adjustable and lockable arms up to 50”. With the option to customize the length and orientation, this system can easily accommodate various types of exercises and can support up to 1,500 lbs. of weight.

  • LT-1 50 Cal Monster Lite Trolley™ 2.0 Lever Arm Kit (Short) - MG Black

    In Stock


  • LT-1 50 Cal Monster Lite Trolley™ 2.0 Lever Arm Kit (Standard) - MG Black

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Tool-less assembly and installation

• Laser cut for precise laser marking

• Weatherproof powdercoat finish

- Heavy-duty aluminum Construction

• Rated to hold up to 1000lbs

• Includes a 2 year Manufacturer Warranty

• Includes lever arm kit

• Heavy duty bearing casters for smooth rolling


• Expensive compared to other trolleys

• Shipping is not free unless purchased with another large item

• Not suitable for small spaces due to its size

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable and strong: The Monster Lite LT-1 50 Cal Trolley 2.0 and Lever Arm Kit is made of heavy-duty steel for long-term durability and stability.

• Affordable: It is an affordable way to get started on your home gym setup.

• Versatile: With the lever arm, you can easily use it for pull-ups, dips, bodyweight rows, and more.

• Use with multiple rigs: You can use this kit with the existing Monster Lite racks, so you can make the most of your fitness investment.

Should Not Buy:

• Limited use: It is only really useful for pull-ups, dips, and other bodyweight movements, so if you are looking for equipment for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, etc., you may want to consider other options.

• Heavy-duty: The kit is made of heavy-duty steel, which means it is not lightweight, and is not suitable for transportation.


- Capacity: 2,000 lb. rated capacity

- Powder Coat Finish: Matte Black

- Construction: 2”x3” 11-Gauge Steel

- Dimensions (at Base Plates): 51.5" L x 34" W

- Distance Between Base Plates: 17.5"

- Distance Between Uprights: 42"

- Included: 2 – LT-1 Trolley™ 2.0 System, 2 – 18” Lever Arms (Matte Black)


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