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Monster Mass Storage Hangers

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Monster Mass Storage Hangers

Rogue Monster Mass Storage Hangers are an ideal wall-mounted storage solution for the home gym and commercial fitness facility alike. Built on a sturdy steel frame with heavy-duty construction, these versatile hangers feature reinforced stringers and cross-bracing for superior strength and stability, while also providing plenty of room for a wide range of accessories. Designed to help you make the most of wall space, the Monster Mass Storage Hangers feature angled side-slots and four upper-level arms that angle back to provide a secure fit for accessories like dumbbells, bands, jump ropes, water bottles and additional weight plates. The open design of the frame also allows for easy rearranging or expansion with optional outrigger boards, so you can customize your storage setup to meet your needs. For added convenience, the Rogue Monster Mass Storage Hangers are powder coated for maximum durability and easy cleaning. Plus, the Rogue Monster logo is emblazoned on the front, adding a touch of extra style. Whether you're maximizing storage in a big box gym or just looking to free up more room at home, these hangers offer a convenient and secure spot to store all your go-to pieces of equipment.

  • Single Hook Hanger

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  • Jump Rope Hanger

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  • Multi Use Hanger

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  • Belt & Band Hanger

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  • Storage Bin Hanger

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Pros & Cons


• Quick and easy assembly

• Sturdy heavyweight steel Construction

• Chrome pull-down storage hooks for barbells & attachments

• Accommodates full plate sets

• Customizable work station with multiple configurations

• Attachable pull-up and dip bar

• hardened rubber base feet for stability


• Expensive price tag

• No backboard/lifting platform included

• Heavy to move once assembled

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Robust construction with thick steel

• Three tiers of storage

• Monster Mass can hold up to 21 plates

• Affordable price compared to similar products

Should Not Buy:

• Too large for many home or small commercial gyms

• Not designed for lighter weight plates (less than 10lbs)

• Not suitable for calisthenics bars, kettlebells, or other odd-shaped equipment


• Capacity: holds up to 175 pounds of storage

• Dimensions: 14"L x 10"W

• Material: powder-coated steel

• Color options: black or frost gray

• Easy to install: hooks and hardware are included

ProductCapacityFloor LoadingCompatibilityFinish
Rogue Monster Mass Storage Hanger18.75" Long x 9.25" WideUp to 725 lbsCompatibility with all Monster Lite AttachmentsTextured Semi-Gloss powder coat finish
Rogue Monster Hangman16.25" Long x 5" WideUp to 600 lbsCompatible with Monster Lite AttachmentsShiny Durable Black Satin Finish
Rogue Elephant Hook20" long x 6.5" wideUp to 1000 lbsCompatible with Infinity/Monster AttachmentsTextured Black Powder Coat Finish
Wall Mounted Plate/Kettlebell/Bumper Plate Storage24” L x 10” WUp to 600 lbsCompatible with standard 1" or Olympic 2" platesTextured Hammertone Grey Powder Coat Finish
Hammertone Plate Storage Hanger12" Long x 8" wideUp to 500 lbsCompatible with most standard platesTextured Hammertone Grey Powder Coat Finish

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