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Monster Safety Spotter Arms 2.0

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Monster Safety Spotter Arms 2.0

The Rogue Monster Safety Spotter Arms 2.0 are adjustable spotter bars that offer a safe and sturdy way to train without worrying about injury. Featuring an updated design and construction, the spotter arms are made with heavy-duty 11-gauge (3/8”) steel that is both structurally sound and safe for users. The arms feature a 2:1 safety factor, as well as collapsible J-cups for extra security for both you and your power rack. The laser-cut numbering on both arms makes it easy to make adjustments so your spotters are always in the same spot. Each arm is infinitely adjustable between a range of 34” - 64” and capable of supporting up to 1000 lbs. The unique bolt-together design with three carriage bolts and an included anchoring kit makes for greater stability when the spotters are in use. The powder coated finish and knurled handle ensure durability and a solid grip, and the built-in handle on one side makes it easy to adjust and reposition without assistance. With the Rogue Monster Safety Spotter Arms 2.0, you can increase your training intensity and accuracy while ensuring your safety – no matter the weight.


Pros & Cons


•Weather-resistant heavy-duty steel Construction

• Detachable spotting arms

• Choice of 4 or 6 foot lengths

• Quick and easy installation

• Stabilizing feet

• Knurled handles

• Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs


• Expensive

• Heavyweight and bulky design

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• People who need to enhance their home gym setup

• People looking for a strong and durable spotter arm

• Fitness enthusiasts who want to prioritize safety and security

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are looking for a spotter arm with additional features

• People who are on a budget and looking for a cheaper spotter arm

• People who don’t plan on using it regularly


-Material: 11-gauge American Steel

-Dimensions: 35.5” (Height) x 31.75” (Width) x 42” (Depth)

-Compatible: Standard 2x3” Power Rack

-Compatible Designers: Monster Lite, Monster, and Monster JM Racks

-Padding: 2.5" High-Density Foam with Black Upholstery

-Weight Capacity: 1500lb Static Rating

-Finish: Industrial Powder Coat

-Hardware: Zinc-Coated Steel Bolts

ProductWeight CapacityHeight RangePrice Range
Rogue Monster Safety Spotter Arms 2.01,500lbs55.5" - 74"$215
Titan T-3 Rogue Spotter Arms1,500lbs48" - 72"$145
Rep Fitness Spotter Arms1,000lbs63" - 82"$174
HulkFit Heavy Duty Spotter Arms1,500lbs51" - 71.5"$79

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