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Monster Wallmounts

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Monster Wallmounts

-pull-up-rig Rogue Fitness's Monster Wallmount Pull-up Rig is the perfect addition to any home gym or commercial fitness facility. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a matte black finish and laser-cut, this heavy-duty pull-up rig is made to last and can handle up to 1000lbs. It can be mounted to any wall studs, allowing for a clean and secure pull-up setup for your gym. It's designed for both personal and professional use and comes with a variety of height adjustments and multiple configuration options, allowing you customize your rig to meet your needs. The base of the rig is 61” wide, with a length of either 82-112” depending on your specific setup. It comes with 10 individual Westside spacing holes with 1” spacing on the uprights. You can choose between two types of pull-up bars which include a standard 1.75” diameter that fits easily into the hole or Olympic-sized 2” bar which is a great option for more dynamic pulls. Your pull-up rig also includes three 2” x3” accessory arms which can be mounted anywhere along the pull-up bar, giving you the ability to hang plates, ab straps, and other workout accessories. The arms are adjustable in both width and height and come with four mounting hardware options so you can get your perfect personalized setup. The Wallmount Pull-up Rig also comes with optional J-Cups for your safety spotter arms. These can be integrated easily into the frame for a secure and sturdy workout environment. Lastly, you can also purchase extra accessories like Dip Belts and Wall Ball Targets directly from Rogue Fitness which can be used with this rig. From its superior construction to its versatile design, the Rogue Monster Wallmount Pull-up Rig is the ideal choice for getting your workout started. With its rugged steel frame and wide variety of customization options, the Monster Wallmount Pull-up Rig is sure to meet all your fitness needs!

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  • Wallmount Rig Concrete Anchor Kit

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Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic multi-grip handles allow for variety of exercises

• Adjustable strap allows user to target specific muscles

• Can store up to two 7.25 lb weights

• Wheels on the bottom help make storage and placement easier

• Offers an effective full-body workout


• Price is expensive Considering equipment

• Weights not included

• Requires wall mounting

Who Should Buy

Some people say that the Rogue Monster Wallmount is not worth the price. I say that it depends on the person. If you are someone who uses a lot of weight and/or has a lot of space, then this is a great product for you. Otherwise, you may want to consider other options.


• Built to Support TV's up to 88 lbs

• Includes spirit level, bubble mount plate, four M4 and four M6 screws, optional wall mount plate

• Easy to use and install

• Supports both VESA 75x75 and 100×100

• Tool-less installation and low-profile tilt design

• Smooth and effortless 15° tilt adjustment

• Made with High Grade Steel

• Powder-Coated finish for extra durability

• Swivel and level adjustment allows for perfect placement

• Suitable for all TV sizes up to 32”-70” in size

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Capacity: 3,500 lbsCapacity: 4,800 lbs
Weight: 140 lbsWeight: 127 lbs
Height: 45 inHeight: 42 in
Construction: 11 Gauge SteelConstruction: 10 Gauge Steel
Height Adjustment Range: 24 - 45 inHeight Adjustment Range: 20-48 in
Price: $229Price: $190

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