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Multi-Use Adapter

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Multi-Use Adapter

The Rogue Multi-Use Adapter allows users to quickly and easily switch between kettlebells, landmines, and barbells with a simple click. The design is simple but very effective enabling quick changes via a galvanized steel stay-lock sleeve. The adapter stands 16” high with a 1.94” diameter and is powder coated for durability. It is also easy to install to any 2” or 2.5” Olympic sized barbell post. It is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly and easily switch between the different tools in their home gym. The adapter can also be used with farmers handles and rigs with the barbell post. The Rogue Multi-Use Adapter is suitable for a range of exercises and is ideal for anyone who wants to save time and effort when changing between different pieces of equipment. It is built for rugged and durable use and is an easy way to maximize space and efficiency in any home gym.


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Pros & Cons


• Versatile accessory that can quickly transform your pull-up bar into a dip bar, landmine, and press-up station

• Easy installation

- Durable steel Construction

• Can be used with any traditional straight pull-up bar

• Add extra resistance to your exercise plan with minimal equipment


• Not compatible with non-standard bars with bends, knurls, or angles

• An additional purchase to obtain the full exercise station

• Not intended for use with gymnastics or kipping exercises

• Can be difficult to see where exactly the adapter should be placed on the pull-up bar

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals looking for a comprehensive and reliable multi-use adapter

• Gym owners looking to expand their gym's fitness options

• Anyone interested in outdoors activities

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals looking for a single purpose adapter

• Those with limited budgets

• Individuals who are not interested in multi-use adapters


• Multi-Use Adapter can be used to adjust audio, video, and other types of connections between components

• It features two HDMI ports, two USB-A ports, one 3.5mm audio port, one Ethernet port, one 4K60Hz HDMI port, and one USB-C port

• Supports resolutions up to 1080p with 60 Hz, 4K with 60 Hz, and 3D videos

• The Multi-Use Adapter is compatible with all major game consoles, macs, PCs, and mobile devices

• Supports up to 16 digital audio channels and compressed or uncompressed sources

• Features HDCP 2.2 and backward compatible with 1.4

• Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and IOS platforms

ProductWeightSupports Resistance BandsSupports Bodyweight ExercisesSupports Battle Ropes ExercisesPrice
Super Training Products Multi-Use Adapter4 lbYesYesYes$175
Sky Core Ground Stake Anchor3.6 lbNoYesNo$25
RDX Exerciser Anchor4.5 lbNoYesYes$30
Xerox Fitness Skipping Wall Anchor3.5 lbNoYesYes$25
Valor Fitness BD-71 Wall Mount Cable Crossover42 lbYesYesNo$160

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