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Normatec 3 - Full Body

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Normatec 3 - Full Body

-recovery-system The NormaTec 3 Full Body Recovery System from Rogue Fitness is an advanced recovery device, designed to help athletes of all types recover from workouts faster and more efficiently. Featuring a cutting-edge design, the system offers customizable massage therapy with a focus on quickly relieving tension and discomfort in the muscles, promoting blood flow and circulation to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The system itself is made with lightweight, durable materials and comes with both a compression device, as well as a control and interface module. The included massage attachments include a boot-style design to easily target various body parts and can be positioned in various ways to help with specific areas. It is easy to operate, allowing you to customize the program to choose the proper duration, pressure, and compression needed to get the desired result. The rechargeable battery also makes it perfectly portable for athletes who want to take it with them on the go. With the NormaTec 3 Full Body Recovery System, athletes are able to recover from workouts faster, with deeper and more effective massage.

  • Normatec 3 - Full Body - Short

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  • Normatec 3 - Full Body - Standard

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  • Normatec 3 - Full Body - Tall

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Pros & Cons


• Compatible with iOS and Android devices

• Adapts to your mobility exercises

• Can be used on all body parts

• Provides targeted massage for optimal pressure

• Easy to use multi-zone panel

• Travel friendly size and simple-to-use design


• High cost

• Not suitable for large-diameter shapes

• App connection has been unreliable for some users

• Does not have any adjustment settings

• Does not have any auto shut-off feature

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Supports recovery after exercise

• Massages muscles to improve flexibility

• Stimulates circulation for enhanced performance

• Comes with a one year warranty

Should Not Buy:

• Expensive

• Requires some setup

• Not suitable for those with certain medical conditions


• 3 massage modes: Pulse, Wave and Auto

• Pressure range of 20–100 mmHg

• Programmable controller

• Cushion-free, patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern

• Targeted compression zones for tailored massage sessions

• Soft, cushioned boots for comfort

• Rechargeable and wireless

• Easy and fast setup

• USB charging cable included

PriceType of MotorType of MassageTemperature RangePortability
Restoration Therapy Recovery System$1,399Single MotorVariable Frequency, Pulsating Air Massage23-132°FPortable
Fixbody Recovery System$1,299Dual MotorsAir Pressure Compression Systemn/aPortable
JointAir Premium Home Massage System$899Single MotorPulsating Air Compression23-78°FStationary

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