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C4 Ultimate - Icy Blue Razz

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C4 Ultimate - Icy Blue Razz

Nutrabolt C4 Ultimate Icy Blue Razz is a pre-workout drink mix designed to support an increased energy level, improved focus, and heightened endurance during a workout. It contains a blend of ingredients that are meant to help users stay charged up during their workouts. The main ingredient in C4 Ultimate is Creatine Nitrate, which is designed to help the muscles produce energy at a much faster rate. Beta Alanine is also included to reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles and increase the user's endurance and stamina. This is complemented by Caffeine, an energizing antioxidant that helps to improve alertness and concentration. In addition, Nitric Oxide helps to increase blood flow and delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. For convenience, this product is available as an easy-to-mix powder with a tart and sweet berry flavor. It also contains 30 servings per container so users can get a good value for their money. In conclusion, Nutrabolt C4 Ultimate Icy Blue Razz is an effective pre-workout drink mix for those looking for an intense energy boost. Its blend of fast-acting and energizing ingredients can help optimize performance during workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Contains more servings and doses than many other pre workout supplements

• Improves energy and focus, allowing gym users to increase the intensity of their workouts

• Comes in a range of flavors, from classic to fruity to unique

• Features clinically dosed ingredients for maximum benefit

• Contains zero added sugars and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

• Manufactured in a cGMP certified facility, ensuring quality


• Price point may be higher than some other pre workout supplements

• Contains caffeine, so individual users should weigh the benefits against any potential side effects

• Contains creatine, which should be used with caution if users have kidney problems

• Contains beta-alanine, which can cause skin tingling and flushing

Who Should Buy

• Who should buy:

• People needing an energy boost to fuel their daily workouts

• Athletes looking to improve performance

• People wanting to increase focus

• Who should not buy:

• Children under the age of 18

• People with a pre-existing medical condition

• Pregnant women


• Dimensions: 94"H x 118"W x 119"L

• Weight: 1515 lbs

• 11 guage steel

• Machined 2" hole spacing

• UHMW plastic lined j-cups

• Powder-coated finish

• Internal/External magnetic selector pin

• All holes self-oiled

• 7 Custom LazarBeam colors

• Expanded colorway options

• Compatible with Rogue C3 and C4 spotter stands

• Lifetime warranty

WeightGear RatioHandle Type
33.5 lbs10.3:1Cranked T BarMagnetic
30.5 lbs9.3:1EVA KnobMagnetic
21.6 lbs5.5:1EVA KnobMagnetic
11.88 lbs5.2:1Aluminum CNC HandleCarbon
20.2 lbs6.2:1EVA KnobCarbon

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