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Nuun Electrolytes - Cherry Limeade

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Nuun Electrolytes - Cherry Limeade

-box Nuun Electrolytes Cherry Limeade Energy Box is the perfect way to stay hydrated and energized during a workout or on an outdoor Adventure. Nuun has been a leader in electrolyte and energy replacement products since 2014. Their Cherry Limeade Energy Box contains a mix of their Nuun Energy drink mix and their electrolyte tablets, formulated to help you stay active, hydrated, and energized all day long. The Cherry Limeade Energy Box includes twelve 8oz Nuun Sport Electrolyte drink mix packets in Cherry Limeade flavor and twelve effervescent electrolyte tablets each containing essential minerals and electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Chloride to keep you hydrated and replenish lost electrolytes. The drink mix also contains natural sweeteners, such as stevia, monk fruit and cane sugar, to provide a light and refreshing taste. Each drink is just 30 calories, so you can stay on top of your hydration and energy levels with no guilt. The Nuun Energy drink mix packets are all non-GMO and free of artificial flavoring, colors, and sweeteners. The drink mix is also vegan, gluten-free and Keto-friendly, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get a natural energy boost without the unhealthy ingredients. Whether you're planning to head out on a run or looking for a quick energy boost, the Nuun Electrolytes Cherry Limeade Energy Box is the perfect way to stay hydrated and energetic all day.


Pros & Cons


• Contains electrolytes for hydration

• Contains caffeine for energy

• No sugar added

• Low calorie

• Cherry limeade flavor is refreshing


• Contains artificial sweeteners

• Contains food colorings

• Caffeine content might be too much for some people

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy Nuun Electrolytes Cherry Limeade Energy:

-Those looking to quickly hydrate and replenish electrolytes

-People who prefer to supplement with liquid hydration rather than a pill or powder

-Recreational and competitive athletes who train in hot and humid climates and need an electrolyte boost

Who Should Not Buy Nuun Electrolytes Cherry Limeade Energy:

-Anyone who prefers pills or powders to hydration solutions

-People with special dietary needs, sensitivities, or allergies (check ingredients)

-People who prefer a less sweetened beverage


• Contains about 40mg of sodium, 11mg of potassium, and 3mg of magnesium per tab

• Contains a blend of B Vitamins

• 4 tablets provide approximately 1500 mg Sodium, 430 mg Potassium, and 120 mg Magnesium per liter

• Contains 11 calories per tab

• Does not contain any sugar

Drinkwel Multivitamin HydrationNuun PLUS Electrolytes & CaffeineUltima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration
Total Carbohydrates2g0g5g0g
Total Sugars1g0g2g0g
Vitamins and MineralsVitamins B3-B12Vitamins A, C, D, and B12Vitamins B1-B12Vitamins C, D, and B12

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