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Bas Rutten O2 Trainer

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Bas Rutten O2 Trainer

The O2 Trainer by Rogue Fitness is an innovative piece of strength training equipment designed to help you get the most out of each breath and your workout. It works by providing adjustable resistance to the breath and by creating a flow of oxygen through a tightly sealed chamber. This allows users to train their lungs and respiratory muscles, resulting in greater breathing efficiency and oxygen consumption. The adjustable air chamber allows you to change the flow resistance, which allows you to work at different fitness levels as you get stronger. The O2 Trainer also has an adjustable incline, so you can adjust the difficulty to match your current fitness level. It is made out of durable materials including stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. It is also lightweight and easy to transport. The O2 trainer features a large LCD display that shows your current and total volume, total time, air flow resistance, heart rate, pressure, and oxygen saturation. This will help you track your progress and motivate you to keep going. The O2 Trainer also comes with several accessories like a mouthpiece and nose pieces, as well as additional masks and filters to help keep you breathing clean, fresh air. Overall, the O2 Trainer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get an effective workout and increase their cardiorespiratory fitness. With its adjustable airflow resistance, adjustable incline, and LCD display, the O2 Trainer is a great choice for people at any fitness level.


Pros & Cons


• Increases your speed, cardiovascular strength, and overall endurance.

• Simple and lightweight design makes installation and storage easy.

• Features adjustable tension belt, allowing for personalized workouts.

• Compatible with any stationary bike for an effective and efficient workout.

• Portable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


• Expensive compared to other cardio machines.

• Belts can slip off the handles during use.

• May not be suitable for those whose bikes don’t have a long enough post.

• Not suitable for intense CrossFit-style workouts.

Who Should Buy

Why Should Buy:

• Highly adjustable, with multiple straps and levels of resistance

• Easy to store and transport

• Great for low-impact, high intensity cardio

• Can be used in many different environments

• Ideal for adding a unique challenge to cardio workouts

Why Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for heavy lifters

• Can be difficult to get enough resistance for high-intensity workouts

• Price is steep compared to other cardio machines

• Does not work for every body type


- Assembled dimensions: 33 L x 39 W x 46.5 H inches

- Weight Limit: 2X Your body weight

- Resistance Strength: 150 lbs

- Exercises: 30+ full-body exercises

- Weight: 88.3 lbs

- Steel construction with electroplate finish and foam padded comfort grips

- Multi-functional LCD display for monitoring time, reps, calorie and total count

- Includes adjustable ankle and wrist straps for more exercise variety

- 8 resistance bands included (various resistance levels)

- Come with a video manual guide

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