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Ohio Bar Hardware Kit

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Ohio Bar Hardware Kit

The Ohio Bar Hardware Kit from Rogue Fitness features the highest quality components to provide a long-lasting use on your barbell. Upgrade your barbell with this essential barbell hardware kit that is designed with durability and style in mind. This hardware kit is designed for the Ohio Bar and can be an upgrade for other bars as well. The Ohio Bar Hardware Kit includes two sixteen inch Rogue Barbell End Caps for added stability and a six inch black finish Housing for the spinning sleeve collar. The kit also includes an 18" black finish spinning sleeve collar for a tight and secure assembly. Each cap of the barbell is designed with stainless steel screws to ensure that your barbell is secure and with proper tension during exercise. This kit also includes the stainless steel screws and the chrome sealant adapter set which each creates the highest possible quality. The sealant adapter is specifically designed to prevent rust and corrosion, making sure that your barbell is protected against the elements. With the Ohio Bar Hardware Kit you will have the best components to build your barbell to create a strong and sturdy experience for the best workout possible. This upgrade kit is the perfect addition for any barbell for a strong and secure assembly. The black finish and stainless steel components will bring an attractive look to any barbell and ensure that you are getting the highest quality parts available.


Pros & Cons


• High quality stainless steel Construction for durability

• Easy to install

• Affordable

• Variety of colors available

• Versatile for general strength training

• Can be customized with different accessories and upgrades


• Not suitable for Olympic lifting

• Installation and setup may require some technical knowledge and experience

• May require additional accessories to be purchased separately

Who Should Buy

**Reasons to buy the Ohio Bar Hardware Kit:**

- Premium quality components

- Made of high-grade steel

- Can be used in a variety of settings to meet different lifting needs

- Easy to assemble and install

- Suitable for Olympic and powerlifting workouts

**Reasons not to buy the Ohio Bar Hardware Kit:**

- Not designed for CrossFit workouts

- Too expensive for some budgets

- Does not include additional accessories such as weight collars or barbells


• Ohio Bar - 28.5mm × 86.5" long

• End caps with Bushing - 8 pieces

• Sleeves with Bushing - 4 pieces

• Spring Collars with Bolt - 2 pieces

• Standard 300lb combination plates - 4 pieces

• Standard 145lb combination plates - 2 pieces

• 20kg ohio Loading Pin - 1 piece

• Standard Standard Olympic Barbell Lock Collar - 2 pieces

• Standard Spring Collars - 2 pairs

ProductWeightLoad CapacityBushingsPrice
Rogue Ohio Bar Hardware Kit10.7 lbs2000 lbsCast Iron Bushings$95
3-Piece Hardware Kit11 lbs2000 lbsDelrin Bushings$79
Value Hardware Kit11.5 lbs2000 lbsCast Iron Bushings$59
Vulcan Standard Barbell Hardware10.2 lbs1700 lbsComposite Bushings$35

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