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Ohio Bar Shafts

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Ohio Bar Shafts

The Ohio Bar Shaft by Rogue Fitness is an Olympic weight-lifting barbell that features a superior construction and design. This barbell is made from high-end steel and is designed to perform with heavy Olympic weight plates. It has a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, a shaft diameter of 28.5mm, and a shaft length of 86.7". It also has a center knurl for added grip and stability when performing Olympic lifts. The aggressive knurling on the sleeves and shaft of the Ohio Bar Shaft have a diamond pattern design that provide an ideal grip without tearing up your palms. The bar also features a black oxide finish with a minimum of oxidation that delivers an aggressive and sophisticated grip. The Ohio Bar Shaft includes an absolutely unique “stainless steel” Bushing System that is designed to increase spinning action while reducing handle flex. Its design also includes a snap-ring system that prevents the end plates from slipping off. In terms of performance, the Ohio Bar Shaft is rated for up to 1,500lbs in capacity, allowing for heavylifting and any Olympic lifts you can think of. The resilient steel combined with the stainless steel bushing and snap-ring systems make it a highly durable barbell. It is also surprisingly affordable, making it a great addition to home and commercial gyms alike. Overall, the Ohio Bar Shaft is an excellent quality Olympic weightlifting barbell. With its high-end construction, aggressive knurling and snap-ring system, it is an ideal choice for heavy Olympic weightlifting. It is rated for up to 1,500lbs, so it can easily handle most any weight that can be lifted. And with its affordable price, it makes a great option for any home or commercial gym.

  • Ohio Bar Shafts

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Pros & Cons


• Hardened and strain relieved steel

• Snap ring assembly locks for tight strength

• CNC precision

• Choice of two finishes

• psi tensile strength

• Lifetime warranty


• Pricey

• Limited color options

• Slightly slippery grip

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy?

• Athletes looking for a quality barbell – The Ohio Bar features a premium grade, fully-machined steel shaft with a black zinc and bright zinc coating, ensuring an exceptional amount of durability.

• Fitness enthusiasts who prioritize a great look – The Ohio Bar is a beautiful barbell with black sleeves and classic knurling. It also has a signature center knurl for the perfect grip.

• CrossFitters in need of a dynamic bar – The Ohio Bar is a multi-purpose barbell suitable for both Olympic and powerlifting exercises.

Who Should Not Buy?

• Those looking for a lightweight barbell – The Ohio Bar is a relatively heavy barbell due to its high-quality steel shaft, but may not be suitable for those seeking a lighter bar.

• Weightlifters on a budget – Although the Ohio Bar is a quality product, its price tag may be too much for those on a budget.


• Strength: 190,000 PSI

• Diameter: 28.5 mm

• Knurl: No Center Knurl, Aggressive Aggressive knurling

• Lengths: 6' (1.83m), 7' (2.13m), 8' (2.43m) & 10' (3.05m)

• Finish: Black Zinc & Hard Chrome

TensileYieldDiameterKnurl DepthsSleeves
190k PSI160k PSI28.5mmMedium
190 ksi171 ksi28.5/29mmaggresive/medium
175 ksi155 ksi28.5mmMedium
200 k s i180 k s i9.25mmAggressive
190 PSI150 k s i28.2mmMedium

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