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Ohio Bar Sleeves

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Ohio Bar Sleeves

The Ohio Bar Sleeves from Rogue Fitness are designed to be a replacement sleeve for their flagship Ohio Bar, one of the most popular bars among athletes worldwide. This bar is renowned for its Olympic-grade steel construction, which allows it to remain durable even under the most strenuous use. With the Ohio Bar Sleeves, you can expect the same build quality and hand-finished aesthetics but in an updated package. The sleeve is constructed from hardchrome steel and features a slick black zinc coating for added protection. This ensures that the bar is durable and corrosion-resistant, so it stands the test of time even in harsh outdoor conditions. The sleeve also features snap-ring ends that make it simple to install and remove. The Ohio Bar Sleeves are available in a variety of different colors, including a classic black, pink, and even gold. This makes it easy to customize the color of your Ohio Bar and add a personal touch to it. The sleeves measure in at 7.2” in length and 1.96” in diameter, so they easily fit on most Olympic-sized bars. Whether you are looking to replace your existing Ohio Bar sleeve or just need a new color for your current bar setup, the Ohio Bar Sleeves from Rogue Fitness will provide a reliable and attractive option. As one of the premier barbell manufacturers in the industry, you can trust that you will get a quality part that will last for years to come.

  • Ohio Bar Sleeves

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Pros & Cons


• High quality, heat-treated, stress-proof, 186,000 PSI steel bar for maximum durability

• Selectable zinc and black finishes for improved corrosion protection

• Full waxed shaft with a diamond knurling pattern provides excellent grip

- Bronze bushings provide a Consistent, quiet bar sleeve rotation

• bar length allows for a wide range of exercises


• Expensive comparative to other bars

• Does not come with collars/clamps to secure weights

Who Should Buy


-Anyone looking for replacement bar sleeves for the Ohio Bar

-Weightlifters or athletes needing to replace the bar sleeves due to excessive wear and tear

-People who want to customize the look of their Ohio Bar


-Anyone who does not have the Ohio Bar

-People who do not need to replace the bar sleeves


-Shaft diameter: 28.5mm

-Shaft length: 86.5”

-Loadable Sleeve length: 16.25”

-Knurling type: Aggressive

-Sleeve finish: Bright zinc

-Grip marking type: Dual knurl marks

-Bearing type: Bronze bushes

ProductWeightKnurlKnurl MarkingsShaft & Sleeve Finish
Rogue Ohio Bar Sleeves7.4 lbsAggressiveYesBlack Zinc
American Barbell Granite Bearing Bar45 lbsAggressiveYesBright zinc
Rep Fitness OH Bar45 lbsVery AggressiveYesSalt Bath Nitride
Eleiko XF Training Bar 20 kg44 lbsSmoothNoHard Chrome

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