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Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual

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Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual

The Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual from Rogue Fitness offers athletes and coaches key principles for dramatically increase weightlifting performance. This book provides an overview of the history, principles, and techniques of Olympic weightlifting with a focus on athlete strength. The techniques covered in this book are designed to make the most of an athlete's speed, power, and strength by providing examples of practice drills and exercises. In the book, Olympic weightlifting strength coaches Dave Spitz and Patrick Everett cover the basics such as the snatch, clean and jerk, and overhead press. These basics are then expanded on to include more advanced topics such as Olympic weightlifting technique, programming, flexibility and mobility, and dynamic strength. Each topic is explored with detailed examples that range from basic to more complex exercises. The Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual also covers topics such as sport psychology, recovery, and nutrition. These topics are explored in detail to help athletes reach their full potential as weightlifters. The manual not only teaches athletes and coaches how to increase weightlifting performance, but also how to create a weightlifting program tailored for individual athletes. The authors provide helpful instructions and advice that can help athletes meet their specific goals. Overall, the Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual is a comprehensive book that provides athletes and coaches an in-depth look into the principles and techniques of Olympic weightlifting. Written by experienced coaches, this book is filled with instructional examples and recommendations for improving Olympic weightlifting performance.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive guide to Olympic weightlifting

• Learn to correctly and safely execute lifts

• Comprehensive explanation on Olympic weightlifting techniques

• Comprehensive overview of relevant training concepts

• Sources of reference included

• Combination of theory and practice


• Limited to Olympic weightlifting

• Costly

• May be too technical for some readers

• Requires dedication and time to properly learn and apply the concepts

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Weightlifters looking to further improve and refine their Olympic lifting technique.

• Strength coaches and personal trainers who need reference material to teach their athletes Olympic lifting skill.

• Anyone looking for a printed reference guide.

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for video instruction on Olympic lifts.

• People without any knowledge of Olympic lifts.

• Anyone looking for an online resource only.


- Hardcover manual with reinforced binding

- 548 pages

- Includes 20 Olympic weightlifting skills with descriptions and illustrations

- Includes progressions and regressions for each exercise

- Includes technical pointers for teaching Olympic skill

- Includes 30 sample workout programs

- Includes drills for technique development

- Includes 60 strengthening exercises to supplement Olympic lifts

FeaturesWestside Olympic Weightlifting ManualSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Video tutorialsNoYesYesNo
Access to certified expertsNoYesNoNo
Weighted exercisesYesYesYesNo
Strength training tipsYesNoNoNo
Step-by-step instructionsYesNoYesNo
Nutrition adviceYesYesNoNo
Bonus online exercises and programsNoYesYesNo

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