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Optimize Me Nutrition - Lazy Macros

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Optimize Me Nutrition - Lazy Macros

-e-book The Optimize Me Nutrition Lazy Macros E-Book from Rogue Fitness is a digital guide to clean eating and macros that makes it easier than ever to make big improvements to your diet and lifestyle. Its clear and concise presentation of macronutrient ratios, macro-friendly recipes, and tips for tracking and adjusting your macros make it a must-have for anyone looking for a simple way to improve their nutrition. The e-book covers a wide range of topics, from understanding macronutrients and nutrition to setting your macro goals and tracking progress. It also provides guidelines for making meal plans, as well as snack and carbohydrate options that can help you reach your goals. The book contains easy-to-follow recipes and best practices, as well as visual diagrams and charts to help you understand the concepts. In addition to helping you develop a better understanding of nutrition and how to build a sustainable nutrition plan, the book also features a 30-day macro meal plan that can be customized to fit your lifestyle and goals. The Optimize Me Nutrition Lazy Macros E-Book is an ideal resource for anyone looking to jump start their clean eating and nutrition journey. It's simple to understand, concisely presented, and chock-full of useful tips and tactics for tracking and optimizing your nutrition. The macro meal plan feature is a great way to put the knowledge you've gained into action and it provides a great starting point for finding healthier eating habits and reaching your goals.


Pros & Cons


• Includes macro calculator that allows users to customize their macro intake

• Compatible with both calorie deficit and maintenance diets

• Includes customized macro-balanced recipes

• Facilitates meal prepping and planning

• Provides individualized meal planning, tracking, and grocery shopping lists

• Offers unlimited access to nutrition experts


• Costly subscription fees

• Not tailored to specific dietary restrictions

• Limited access to additional nutrition resources

• Not suited for those already familiar with nutrition principles

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Easy access to macro-based meal plans

- Variety of ready-made meal plans

- Subscription options for ongoing meal planning needs

Should Not Buy:

- Do not have the ability to customize meal plans

- No additional resources or support available

- Not suitable for those with dietary restrictions or allergies


• 20 days of daily nutrition planning with meal and snack ideas

• Free custom macro calculator

• Comprehensive shopping list for each day created

• Full grocery guide

• Includes over 100 easy to follow recipes

• Includes access to online instruction video library and Q&A access from nutrition coaches

ProductServing SizeCaloriesProteinFatFibreCarbohydratesVitamins/Minerals
Rogue Optimize Me Nutrition - Lazy Macros3 scoops15525 g3.5 g0 g5 g16 vitamins & minerals
MyProtein Impact Whey Protein1 scoop11121g1.7g0.4g1.9g21 vitamins & minerals
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard1 scoop11024 g1 g0 g1 gVitamins & Minerals
QUEST PROTEIN POWDER2 scoop11020 g2 g0 g4 gVitamins & Minerals

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