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OSO Mighty Axle Collars - Red

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OSO Mighty Axle Collars - Red

The OSO Mighty Axle Collars from Rogue Fitness are a sturdy and reliable pair of axle collars for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting moves. Made from durable red nylon, their construction is designed to withstand the constant abuse of frequent, repeated heavy-lifting exercises. They have a strong grip and sturdy locking mechanism that stays securely closed, to ensure utmost safety of the user. The heavy-duty release lever is smooth and easy to use, allowing for quick adjustments and removal of the collar. The collars themselves measure 3.27" wide and 2.05" in height and come equipped with adjustable brass screws to secure them in place and prevent slippage. The screws can also be tightened to the desired tension, so users can customize the fit of their collar. Inside the collar, the slots are designed to fit a range of standard weightlifting bars, ranging from 1.1” to 2.9”, making them suitable for all types of strength training. The Rogue Fitness OSO Mighty Axle Collars are strong, dependable, and easily adjustable to ensure safe weightlifting sessions. They provide a secure and comfortable fit, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable, secure axle collar for heavy-lifting sessions.


Pros & Cons


• Made of heavy duty steel

• Easy to adjust clamp-on design

• Non-marring rubber lining

• Secure hold while lifting


• Can slip off easily if not properly secured

• May not fit certain barbells depending on the size

• Expensive compared to most similar weightlifting collars

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-If you are looking for a reliable, adjustable strength training equipment

-If you need an axle that can support high amounts of weight

-If you need to be able to adjust the axle design for different types of workouts

Should Not Buy:

-If you are a beginner and don't need advanced strength training equipment

-If you do not need to support large amounts of weight

-If you do not need adjustable axle designs for different workouts


- Axle collar is made from high-grade, reinforced polycarbonate.

- Weight: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) per axle collar

- Securely holds Olympic or standard weight plates in place.

- Available in red color.

- Adjustable-width design fits 63-76mm (2.5-3in) size bars and axles.

- Compatible with all Olympic and standard barbells and weightlifting machines.

- Patented Dual-Locking Design for a secure and reliable fit.

- Durable and impact-resistant.

Oso OSO Mighty Axle Collars - RedAlternative #1Alternative #2Alternative #3
Clamp SystemLever-Locked ClampLever or Bolt Locking SystemLever Clamp System
CompatibilityOlympic or Standard BarOlympic or Standard BarOlympic Bars Only
FinishAnodized Red FinishAnodized Grey FinishAnodized Black Finish
Weight Capacity500 LBS Capacity450 LBS Capacity600 LBS Capacity

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