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OSO Safety Blocks

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OSO Safety Blocks

The OSO Safety Blocks from Rogue Fitness are a versatile gymnastics training tool designed to be used to practice dynamic skill development and help reduce the chances of overtraining and injury. They are made from high-density polyethylene foam, which is designed to be durable, lightweight and provide maximum safety while allowing a controlled bounce-back. The blocks come in a pair of two and feature an ergonomic design with recessed handholds for easy carrying and comfortable grip. Each block is also reversible, giving you two different heights - 4" on one side and 3" on the other - for a variety of fitness skill levels. The blocks also feature a non-slip surface design for added stability. Rogue Fitness recommends these blocks for gymnastics, tumbling, functional fitness and parkour training.

  • OSO Safety Blocks

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  • OSO Safety Blocks - Red

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Pros & Cons


• Heavy duty design for long-term durability

• Quick and easy assembly

• Adjustable height to accommodate different weightlifting moves

• Non-slip layer on the bottom for added stability

• Noise reduction feature to reduce clanging during weightlifting

• Multiple color options for customization


• Not suitable for lifters with extremely long arms

• May require additional padding on top for heavier weightlifting sessions

• Price is on the higher side

Who Should Buy

Reasons to buy:

• Durable, high quality construction

• Sturdy base with rubber feet for extra stability

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• One size fits all weightlifting and powerlifting bars

• Multi-functional use for multiple exercises

Reasons not to buy:

• Expensive compared to other brands

• Not suitable for heavier weights beyond 1000lbs.

• Only available in one color


• OSO Door Retainer:

• OSO Bottom Flip:

• OSO Jamb:

• OSO Cushion:

• OSO Mounting Block

• OSO Adjustable Arm Length

• 1/4” Hole Through Block

• Weight: .25 lbs / 113 gs

• Size: 2.5” x 2.5” x 1.25”

• Color: White

• Material: ABS/Nylon/Stainless Steel

Oso OSO Safety BlocksComparison Product 1Comparison Product 2Comparison Product 3
Size: 6”x4”x2”Size: 5”x5”x2”Size: 7”x7”x3”Size: 4”x4”x2”
Weight: 8 lbsWeight: 6 lbsWeight: 10 lbsWeight: 5 lbs
Material: ABS PlasticMaterial: SteelMaterial: PVCMaterial: ABS Plastic
Load-Bearing: Up to 500 lbsLoad-Bearing: Up to 600 lbsLoad-Bearing: Up to 700 lbsLoad-Bearing: Up to 400 lbs
Price: $89.99Price: $99.99Price: $119.99Price: $79.99

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