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The Rogue Palm Massager is a hand held massage tool designed to target painful pressure points in your hands, arms and shoulders. With adjustable knobs and a comfortable grip, it's easy to use and achieve a deep, intense massage. The unit viberates at up to 1200 RPM, helping to reduce tightness and pain, loosen up tight muscles and help reduce the stiffness of hands, arms and shoulders. Temperate settings are manually adjustable to suit your needs, making this an effective massage tool that can be used when your muscles need a bit of extra attention. A great value at just $20, the Rogue Palm Massager is a multi-purpose massage tool that is not just ideal for hand, arm and shoulder massage, but can be equally effective in many other soft tissue areas of the body. The effective, durable design combined with adjustable temperature settings make the Rogue Palm Massager an ideal choice for those looking for a cheap and convenient massage tool that can provide a deep massage to help reduce tightness and pain.


Pros & Cons


• Portable and lightweight

• Conveniently fits into carry-on luggage

• Can be used for the entire body

• Easy to use

• Ergonomic design

• Comes with an additional heat setting


• Expensive

• Not wireless

• Limited battery life

• Can be loud in operation

• Limited massage options

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Muscle soreness/stiffness relief

• Improved circulation

• Improved flexibility

• Enhanced physical performance

• Tension relief

• Increased range of motion

Who Shouldn't Buy:

• Those with an injury where the massage could exacerbate the area

• Those with pacemakers (as the massage could interfere with the device)

• Those who are pregnant

• Those with skin problems where massage could irritate the area


• Lightweight for easy use

• Affordable

• Rechargeable

• Adjustable speed settings

• Soft-touch kneading heads with multiple massage programs

• Long-lasting battery life

• Comes with AC Adapter for easy charging

• Attachable handle for easy maneuverability

• A built-in timer to help you track your massage sessions

• Ergonomic design for comfortable use

ProductMotorMassage SpeedHead Sizes
Pressure Positive Palmassager85 wattVariableSmall & Large
SKG Super Massager85 wattVariableSmall & Large
RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Massager20 watt3 SpeedsSmall & Large
Wahl Theraputic Deep Tissue Massager12 wattVariableSmall & Large
Body Massage Gun25 watt10 SpeedsSmall & Large

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