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Spud Inc Pink 1" Wrist Straps

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Spud Inc Pink 1" Wrist Straps

The Rogue Pink 1 Wrist Straps are an excellent option for use in powerlifting and other weight-bearing exercises. Featuring durable nylon construction, the Rogue straps are designed to provide superior support and stability during your toughest workouts. The adjustable loop design with double-stitched seams make them easy to custom-fit to your wrists, while the heavy-duty hook-and-loop closure enables quick and easy installation. Combined with their moisture-wicking capability and their breathable, lightweight construction, these straps allow you to keep up your intensity throughout your sets. For additional safety and comfort, the straps include padding along the flexible neoprene section. Available in a sleek and stylish pink color, these low-profile wrist straps are perfect for all levels of lifters and are ideal for athletes looking for a comfortable and secure fit.


Pros & Cons


• Durable: Made from heavyweight cotton and nylon

• Non-slip: Embedded rubber grip prevents slipping and sliding

• Comfortable: Plush design makes them very comfortable

• Adjustable: Easy to adjust for a perfect fit

• Strong: Can support up to 500lbs for a variety of exercises


• Limited Color Schemes: Only one color available

• Price: Can be pricey for a single pair of wrist straps

• Not Ideal for Powerlifting: Limited support for large weights

Who Should Buy


• Made from durable cotton with a performance-first design

• Fully adjustable hook and loop closure

• Non-slip stitching for added comfort

• Thick, full wrist support


• If you are looking for a lightweight or breathable material

• Not suitable for high-intensity activities like weight lifting

• Not suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies to synthetic materials


- 2" wide rolling strap with heavy duty stitching

- Made of heavy duty nylon webbing and neoprene padding

- 1" wide neoprene pad

- Heavy duty velcro fasteners

- Durable construction

- Adjustable velcro release buckle

- Maximum grip area of 13.5"

- Comfortably fits up to a 9.5" wrist circumference

Spud Inc Pink 1" Wrist Straps$11.951"7.5"Nylon
ProFitness Powerlifting Straps$11.991"10”Nylon/neoprene
Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps$21.603"18"Polyester/Spandex
Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps$14.992”12"100% Cotton
PRx Wrist Straps$14.991"9"Nylon

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