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PLAE Attack Turf

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PLAE Attack Turf

-shoe The PLAE Attack Turf Shoe from Rogue Fitness is a lightweight, low profile sneaker designed for the athlete looking for the perfect combo of comfort and performance. This shoes features a pro-level cushioning system for superb comfort, an aggressive tread pattern for maximum grip, and an upper engineered for breathability. The sneaker is constructed with water resistant bonded leather uppers and a breathable, lightweight range of materials for maximum performance and resilience. Additionally, it includes an internal shank for additional stability and its ergonomic design provides additional arch compression for cushioning. The Attack Turf Shoe is an excellent choice for athletes looking for an all-around, durable and lightweight sneaker that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

  • Attack Level 1 - Per Sq. Ft.

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  • Attack Level 2 - Per Sq. Ft.

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality cushioning material: The turf is Constructed with a high-quality cushioning material to provide comfort and support when exercising.

• Water, UV and mildew resistant: The turf is designed to be resistant to water, UV rays and mildew, making it easier to maintain and extends its durability.

• Durable construction: The turf is made with a 22-ounce nylon construction making it long-lasting and durable.

• Easy to install: The turf is designed to be easy to install with minimal tools needed.

• Variety of colors: The turf comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


• Expensive: The turf is relatively expensive compared to other turf options.

• Installation costs: There could be additional costs for installation depending on where it’s being setup, which could be costly.

• Heavy: The turf is quite heavy at approximately 42-pounds, so it may be difficult to transport and install.

Who Should Buy

Rogue’s Plae Attack Turf shoe is designed for individuals who are looking for a lightweight, comfortable shoe for activities like running, training, CrossFit, weightlifting, and other similar activities. Therefore, individuals who need a lightweight, supportive shoe for any type of fast and dynamic workout should consider purchasing this shoe. Conversely, individuals who primarily participate in sports that involve more lateral cutting and pivoting such as basketball, soccer, and football would not be well-suited for this type of shoe and may want to consider other options.


• Size: 8 mm Pile Height, 5 mm Foam Backing

• Material: 50% Polyethylene, 40% Polypropylene, 10% Nylon

• Total Weight: 48 oz./sq.yd.

• Back Coating: ActionBac

• Constructed with exclusive “LEEBLOK™” technology

• Anti-Static & Anti-Microbial Treatment

• UV Stability & Fade Resistance

• Standard Width: 13 ft. 5 in.

• Standard Roll Length: 25 ft.

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