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PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

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PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

The Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell from Rogue Fitness provides a robust and space-efficient adjustable kettlebell with a range of weights from 8 to 40 pounds. Constructed from welded steel, this sturdy kettlebell features a dial with color-coded increments that allows for smooth transitions between the different poundage levels. This design eliminates the need to purchase individual weights and takes up a minimal amount of storage space. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for both high and low intensity exercises, and an integrated storage tray keeps track of the weight plates when not in use. The adjustable kettlebell also features a low-to-ground base for easy storage and a powder-coated finish for protection against corrosion. With this kettlebell, users can perform a wide variety of kettlebell exercises, such as swings, presses, goblet squats, and cleans.

  • PowerBlock Regular Adjustable Kettlebell - 18-35LB

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  • PowerBlock Heavy Adjustable Kettlebell - 35-62LB

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Pros & Cons


• Weight is adjustable from 8-40 lbs in 4 lb increments

• Compact, saves space compared to traditional kettlebells

• Comfortable handle

• Can be used for a variety of exercises


• Not as secure weight adjustment as traditional kettlebells

• Can be expensive compared to traditional kettlebells

• Not recommended for ballistic exercises

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who are looking for an adjustable, space-saving alternative to owning multiple sets of kettlebells

• Those who want to be able to customize and increase their kettlebell weight easily

• Those that want to save on storage space while still having access to a wide range of kettlebell weights

Who Should NOT Buy:

• Those who do not have enough space to store the adjustable kettlebell set

• Those who need kettlebells of heavy weights (higher than 50lbs)

• Those who prefer heavier cast-iron kettlebells for competition-level kettlebell workouts


-Weighs 8 to 40 lbs per handle

-Comes with four 2.5LB adder weights per handle

-Ergonomically designed and is adjustable with a 10-position selector pin

-Compact design saves space

-Contoured, chrome-plated steel handle

-2 tier frictionless chrome-plated steel weight plate pistons

-All-steel components for maximum durability

-High-quality, matted, black finish makes it look great in any home gym

Weight RangePrice
5-50lbs size$45

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