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PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand

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PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand

The PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand from Rogue Fitness is the perfect storage solution for your home or gym. This heavy-gauge steel rack features a unique "step-by-step" setup that allows you to quickly and easily move weights from low to high without having to bend down and pick them up each time. The 24-inch deep frame is wide enough to accommodate five PowerBlock dumbbells, or up to 11 plates for Olympic-style barbells, giving you plenty of space for building muscle and strength. The powder-coat finish on the frame ensures a long-lasting, strong finish that won't rust or corrode over time, allowing you to stack as many weights as you need without fear of the rack deteriorating with use. It also features soft-grip rubber feet, which helps keep the stand in place on any surface, including sloped and slippery ones. The Compact Weight Stand is easy to assemble. All you need are the four corner knobs and two supporting pieces - no additional tools or hardware needed. The heavy-duty construction helps make it stable and safe during use, helping ensure that even with heavy weights loaded, the stand won't wobble or shift as you're lifting. Whether you're just getting started with strength training or are a seasoned weightlifter, the PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand is a sturdy, reliable solution for storing your PowerBlock weights, plates, and other free weights.

  • PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand

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  • PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand - Large

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Pros & Cons


• Space-saving design

• Adapts to the “stage” system of changeable weight plates

• Fits most Olympic weight sets

• Stylish and sturdy base

• Compact size for home gyms

• Transport wheels for easy movement

- Quality Construction


• Price can be expensive

• Can only be used with Olympic weight sets

• Some assembly required

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Bodybuilders looking to maximize their training space.

• Home gym owners who want to free up floor space.

• Fitness enthusiasts who want a stable weight stand.

Who Should Not Buy:

• People without a lot of overhead space.

• Casual gym goers who just want a light lift every once in a while.

• Beginners who don’t need a heavy-duty weight stand.


• Dimensions: 18"(L) x 16.75"(W) x 38"(H)

• Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

• Durable steel construction

• Holds one pair of PowerBlock Dumbbells

• Compact footprint

• Non-slip rubber feet

200 lbs300 lbs350 lbs
23" x 14" x 13"38" x 16" x 21"24" x 15" x 16"
SteelSteelStainless Steel

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