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PowerBlock Sport Series - 24 Set

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PowerBlock Sport Series - 24 Set

The PowerBlock Sport Series 24 Set is a highly-durable, adjustable weight resistance set from Rogue Fitness. The set includes two adjustable weight blocks of 4,8,12,16,20 and 24 lbs, for a combined workout weight of 48 lbs. The weight blocks are housed in a durable steel construction, made to withstand rugged and rigorous use.The weight blocks adjust in 2.5 lbs increments with the easy-to-use selector pin system. The rubbing handles on the blocks are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and ease of use during workouts, while the tough urethane coating on the sides of the weight blocks provide extra protection and a consistent grip during any exercise. Each weight block also features UHMWPE side covers, making the weight stacks static-free, and reducing any potential damage to flooring. This weight set is ideal for home gym use, strength and balance training, and for anyone looking for an adjustable, robust set of weights that won’t take up too much space.


Pros & Cons


• Adjustable weight range from 3-24 lbs up to 90 lbs

• Compact and stackable design

• Ergonomically designed handle

• Quiet and smooth operation

• Wide range of exercises for all levels


• Relatively high cost

• Not suitable for heavier, Olympic-style lifting

• May require additional purchases or upgrades to reach highest weight capacity

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy?

• Users who need to store a lot of weights in a small space

• People who need to travel with weights

• Weightlifters who need comfortable and adjustable weights

Who Should Not Buy?

• Athletic and power lifters who need to lift very heavy weights

• Users who are not willing to pay a premium for the product

• Weights users who plan to drop or move weights around aggressively


-Adjustable from 3-24 lbs in 3 lb increments

-Body of the weight is cast iron

-Unique design allows for a compacted size

-Ideal for beginners and intermediate users

-Adjustment bar and pin are made of steel

-Weight increments are easy to read and change

-Grip handle diameter is 1.25 inches

-Weighs 32 lbs in total

Competitor 1Competitor 2
5-70 lbs4-50 lbs
5 lb3 lb

Price History

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