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PowerMax Grip Ball

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PowerMax Grip Ball

The Rogue Powermax Grip Ball is a unique training tool designed to help improve grip strength. The ball is constructed from heavy-duty rubber and features a textured outer surface for enhanced grip and durability. The ball has a diameter of 10 inches, so users can train from various positions depending on their individual preferences. The Powermax Grip Ball is an ideal choice for both beginner and advanced athletes, as the amount of resistance can be adjusted by changing the amount of air pressure that is pumped into the ball. The ball features a twist-valve release so you can quickly and easily reduce or increase the pressure level. This versatile training tool can be used to give you a full body workout, as well as a great way to develop strength and improve coordination in the hands and fingers. It can be used to increase the strength of the core and can also help improve grip and wrist stability. The ball is designed with safety in mind, featuring a non-slip design, making it suitable for use on any type of surface. The ball can also be used outdoors, so you can take your workout with you when you travel. The Rogue Powermax Grip Ball is an effective strength and coordination training tool for athletes of all levels, and it's easy to use, suitable for any surface and durable enough for outdoor use.

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  • PowerMax Grip Ball - 4LB

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  • PowerMax Grip Ball - 6LB

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  • PowerMax Grip Ball - 8LB

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  • PowerMax Grip Ball - 10LB

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Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber Construction

• Multi-colored for easy level identification

• Variety of sizes to suit different user needs

• Tapered grip is comfortable to hold

• Versatile resistance, great for many types of workouts


• Expensive compared to other gripballs

• Not suitable for outdoor use

• Potential risk of shrapnel or rubber particles if too much force is used

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-Ideal for grip strength training

-Geared for Olympic weightlifting movements

-Slug handle knurling on all sides for improved grip

Should Not Buy:

-Inexperienced with grip strength training

-Unfamiliar with Olympic weightlifting movements

-Not intending to use for grip strength training


• Weighs up to 4 lbs.

• 8” in diameter

• Soft rubber grip

• Constructed of oil-filled polyurethane

• Textured surface

• “No slip” stability

• Perfect for strength training & rehabilitation

Natural RubberPlasticLatex

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