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Powermax Jump Ropes

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Powermax Jump Ropes

The Rogue PowerMax Jump Ropes are made with cutting-edge materials and a unique design to provide a revolutionary way to keep active and reach your fitness goals. The 8.5mm braided steel cable is coated with a durable and protective ink to ensure a smooth and fast rope action, making these highly efficient and long lasting. The handles are designed for maximum comfort and durability, with a lightweight, ergonomic shape and an ultra-tacky grip that keeps the rope firmly in place even during the most intense sessions. The rope length is adjustable for a personalized fit, and the smooth swivel axis allows for 360-degree rotation for even easier rope spins. Whether you're into double unders or just a regular workout, the Rogue PowerMax Jump Ropes offer an efficient, comfortable way to reach those fitness goals.

  • Powermax Speed Rope 9'

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  • Powermax Speed Rope 10'

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Pros & Cons


• Available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of all jumpers

• Adjustable high-speed aluminum handles for customization of length and weight

• Soft PVC coated cable for good grip

• Quiet operation won't distract other exercisers in a gym

• Anti-tangle swivel-end design for smooth, efficient rotations


• Not suitable for high-intensity activities such as Double Unders

• Not designed for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions

• Handles can become slippery when sweaty

• Can become tangled if not wound and stored properly

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes who need a high-performance rope for training

• CrossFitters looking for a rope with multiple length options

• Anyone who wants an adjustable rope for varying heights

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who don't need an adjustable rope

• Those who are looking for a beginner jump rope

• Individuals who only need a basic rope and don't value performance features


-Skipping ropes are made of rope of 3 mtrs length

-Textured foam grips

-High tensile strength cable wire with PVC coating

-Replaceable Rope assembly

-High speed ball bearings for smooth turning

ProductWeightMaterialLengthPrice Range
Powermax Powermax Jump Rope7.5 ozSteel9'$13.97-$19.97
ULifestyle Premium Speed Jump Rope6.4 ozPVC10'$10.97
Fitness Factor Steel Cable Jump Rope2.4 ozSteel9'$9.97
Nxment Adjustable Jump Rope4.5 ozNylon10'$8.97
Crossrope Lite Jump Rope Set7.2 ozPVC9'$15.97

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