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PowerMax Vertical Jump Trainer

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PowerMax Vertical Jump Trainer

The Powermax Vertical Jump Trainer from Rogue Fitness is an effective training assistant for athletes of all levels who are looking to increase their vertical jump height. This item is made from durable steel construction and powder-coated black for a finish that's sure to last. It features an adjustable telescoping arm that can be modified from 45 to 72 inches in height, allowing you to customize your workouts to meet specific needs. The Powermax Vertical Jump Trainer also comes with an adjustable base that can be secured to the ground, providing a safe and secure platform for training. The arm features 10 removable weight sets that can be repositioned on the arm and adjusted to 15, 20, 25, and 30-pound max weights. These weights help you gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you develop your vertical jump skills. For safety, the trainer is equipped with an adjustable locking system that allows you to easily control the weight and prevent any unwanted accidents. The trainer is also compatible with the included Powermax App for tracking workouts and analyzing data. You can also use the app for guided exercises, tutorials, and videos to help you improve your form and performance. Overall, the Powermax Vertical Jump Trainer is a great investment for athletes looking to gain an edge in their vertical jump skills. Its adjustable design and multiple weight sets make it an excellent choice for users of varying levels, from beginners to pros. Its adjustable base and locking system make it a safe and secure platform to train on, while its app compatibility provides detailed feedback to help you reach new heights.


Pros & Cons


• Built with durable steel and rope in durable nylon

• Adjustable length and tension for personalized use

• year warranty

• Good for athletes of any level

• Wide range of available exercises

• Includes accessory trays and straps for added versatility


• Expensive

• Heavy and bulky

• Not suitable for people with shoulder or upper body injuries

• Requires more room for movement than traditional jump boxes

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking to develop explosive power and jump-specific skill

• Individuals looking to improve their vertical jump, agility, or acceleration

• People who are fitness minded and want to supplement their training

Who Should Not Buy:

• Young children who are not fully capable of grasping the principles of activation of muscles to produce power

• Those who are looking for a quick fix to improve their performance without putting in the necessary training and effort

• Individuals who are not willing to put in the necessary time and effort to improve their vertical jump

• Those with injuries or pre-existing medical conditions as this can exacerbate those conditions


-Maximum Load: 110 lbs

-Vertical Jump Range: 21 - 76 inches

-Compact and lightweight design

-Adjustable handrails for stability and safety

-Adjustable steel cable roller pulley system

-Includes storage pouch

-Includes power bands for added resistance

-Easy-to-follow DVD included

-Portable and easy to store

ProductsWeight capacityDuration per sessionResistance Levels
PowerMax Vertical Jump Trainer250lbs10 minutes3 adjustable levels
MyJump Pro Plyometric Jump Trainer220lbs10 minutes12 adjustable levels
Viper Strength Resistance Trainer300lbs20 minutes8 adjustable levels
Titan Fitness Plyometric Platform400lbs20 minutes3 adjustable heights

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