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Primo Loose Chalk

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Primo Loose Chalk

-5lb Rogue Primo Chalk is a high quality weightlifting chalk designed to help athletes improve their grip strength and control during any type of physical activity. This powdered chalk is in a loose form, making it perfect for portable applications, such as when chalk bags are impractical or cumbersome. The 5lb size of this chalk provides enough chalk for multiple uses or for an extended period of time. Made from Magnesium Carbonate, the chalk is perfect for any type of sport where grip strength and control are needed. This also includes indoor sports like rock climbing, gymnastics, power lifting, CrossFit, and any other type of routine that requires having a firm grip on something. The chalk is 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate and is totally free of any chemicals or additives. It is also colorless and odorless due to the purity refined production process. The primo chalk comes in a resealable pouch, with a hook provided for easy storage. The chalk is great for use in the studio, at the gym, or even at home in an activity area or on a weightlifting bench. It binds to the hands quickly, providing a long lasting grip that allows for improved performance. The chalk is also perfect for regular use since it is naturally water-resistant and long lasting. With its superior grip capabilities and convenience, Rogue Primo Chalk is perfect for any physical activity where a good grip is required. The high-quality of the powder, the extra hook for easy storage, and the resealable bag make the 5lb bulk size a great value for anyone who needs to maintain a strong grip. All in all, Rogue Primo Chalk is a great product that can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve their workout performance and experience.

  • Primo Chalk - 1LB Loose

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  • Primo Chalk 6 oz. Loose - 3 Pack

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Pros & Cons


• Offers secure grip to help lifters hold onto a barbell easily

• Improves ability to pull and press heavier weights

• Formulated with magnesium carbonate for maximum friction

• Increases joint mobility and range of motion

• Made to be low dust for easy clean up

• Available in 2-, 10-, and 25lbs bag sizes


• More costly than generic chalk options

• Can be messy to store and use due to loose particles

Who Should Buy

-Should Buy:

• Those who practice gymnastics, rock climbing or weightlifting

• People who seek high-quality, premium chalk

-Should Not Buy:

• Those who don't need it

• People who are looking for a cheaper option


- Comes in a 1 lb resealable bag

- 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate

- Rated at 8.2pH, providing a good grip on the bar

- Very fine texture to provide better coverage on your hands

- Lasts much longer and creates less dust

- Meets USA Weightlifting Association standards for competitions

Primo Primo Loose ChalkComparison Product #1Comparison Product #2Comparison Product #3
100% Magnesium Carbonate100% Magnesium CarbonateGym Chalk Ball 1.5oz478800 Gym Chalk Block
Non-toxic FormulaNon-toxic FormulaNon-toxicNon-toxic, Dustless
Refillable JarRefillable JarRefillableDoes not require refilling
Finely MilledFinely MilledMacro GrainedFilled with Specially Processed Chalk

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