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Pro-Tec Spiky Ball

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Pro-Tec Spiky Ball

The Rogue Pro-Tec Spiky Ball is a small, yet incredibly effective massage ball that is designed to help alleviate pain in both large and small muscle groups. The small spiky balls measure 3" in diameter and are made from soft, yet durable PVC plastic that is designed to provide deep massage therapy to tight, aching areas of your body. With the spiky texture, this small ball helps to stimulate your circulation and reduce soreness in tight or overworked muscles like your feet, back, shoulders and neck. Ideal for use before and after workouts or any time you experience stiffness and discomfort, this ball doubles as an effective tool for tissue release and joint mobilization. The spiky texture will help dislodge knots and release tightness, allowing for improved flexibility, breathing and flushing out toxins. With its compact size, the Pro-Tec Spiky Ball can easily fit into a gym bag or even a pocket to be taken with you wherever your workouts take you. For optimal results, use the Pro-Tec Spiky Ball in 5-10 minute intervals. It is recommended that you start on a softer surface to condition the muscles before increasing the pressure. Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional athlete, the Pro-Tec Spiky Ball is an essential tool to help keep your muscles healthy and happy.


Pros & Cons


• Targets entire body to provide relief from tension

- Durable rubber Construction

• Available in a range of sizes to suite different needs

• Airborne spikes to target specific points for massage

• Compact and travel-friendly


• Material may be uncomfortable for some users

• Ball may be difficult to grip for some users

• Can potentially cause some bruising with too much pressure

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Relieves muscle tension and soreness

• Ideal for a variety of body parts like feet, shoulders, back, glutes, and more

• Aids in injury prevention and recovery

• Makes a great warm-up tool

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for children

• Not suitable for someone with an inflamed/aggravated injury

• Not good for someone with sensitive skin


• Compact and durable spiky ball for manual therapy

• Made from BPA and latex-free vinyl

• Constructed with thousands of spines, for deep tissue massage

• Deflate-able for customized surface tension

• Measures 2.75" in diameter

Protec Pro-Tec Spiky Ball2.8 oz3.2"Medium16
LuxFit Exercise Ball3.2 oz6"Soft15
Opove Massage Ball2.4 oz5.5"Medium24
3Balls Lacrosse Ball2.42 oz2.5"Hard11
PowerTac TriggerBall2.7 oz2.5"Medium19

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