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PRVN 30 Day Murph Prep Program

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PRVN 30 Day Murph Prep Program

The Rogue PRVN 30-Day Murph Prep Program is an online program designed to prepare athletes to complete the demanding Murph Challenge. The program consists of detailed, high-quality videos and content designed to help athletes improve performance and gain strength necessary to complete the Murph Challenge. The program covers four components: cardio, nutrition, technique, and strengthening. Each component includes detailed instruction and guidance on the exercises and nutrition necessary to improve performance. The cardio portion includes a variety of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The nutrition portion includes meal plans and food lists to help you achieve your goals. The technique portion includes instructional videos on proper technique and position for the Murph challenge. The strengthening portion includes exercises and video guidance to build strength and power. In addition to the video content, the program also includes additional resources, such as distance running plans, mobility drills, and warm-ups. All content is led by professional coaches and is designed to help athletes reach their goals and improve performance. The Rogue PRVN 30-Day Murph Prep Program is designed to help athletes improve their performance for the challenging Murph Challenge and reach their goals. The program includes detailed video instruction and additional resources to help athletes reach their potential.


Pros & Cons


• Full 30 day Murph prep program

• Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow program

• Safe and effective way to contract various muscles

• Includes rest days for recovery

• Variety of exercises available

• Step-by-step breakdown of exercises and resting periods

• Access to videos and images for further instruction

• Includes nutrition advice for optimized performance.


• Limited access to coaching and hands-on instruction

• Expensive to purchase

• Requires time commitment and dedication

• Risk of injury if performed incorrectly

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People looking for specific workouts that are designed to help them develop total body fitness in a short period of time

• Athletes who are aiming to improve their ability to complete challenging workouts

• Anyone looking to enhance their overall physical capability

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are uninterested in rigorous physical exercise

• People who are looking for an easier workout plan

• People who are not confident in their ability to complete very challenging workouts


- 30-day program designed to help you prepare for the Murph Challenge

- Structured and customizable workouts ready to use in any gym, garage, or home setup

- Comes complete with Rogue-branded clips, bands, static rings, etc

- Training guide complete with exercise demonstration videos

- One full-body "Murph-style" workout daily for 30 days

- Includes 3 additional days of conditioning to finish the prep cycle

- Optimized tracking for recording daily reps and weights

- Accessible on both Android and iOS devices

Rogue PRVN 30 Day Murph Prep ProgramProduct 1Product 2Product 3
FeaturesPre-set exercises targeting all muscle groupsPre-set routines targeting full-body musculatureDesigned to help with fat loss and muscle gainGuide tailored to personal athletic goals
Length30-day program6-week program4-week program8-week program
Nutrition Plan18-page nutrition plan providing healthy meal ideasNoneNoneNone
Exercise Difficulty LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner, IntermediateBeginner to IntermediateBeginner to Advanced

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