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PRVN Core Program - 8 Week

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PRVN Core Program - 8 Week

The PRVN 6-Pack Attack 8-Week E-Book from Rogue Fitness is an e-book designed to help you reach your fitness goals. In it, you’ll find an 8-week, step-by-step program for building your core muscles, including your abs, back, and obliques. You’ll also find a variety of exercises, as well as advice on how to efficiently warm up and cool down, as well as how to fuel your body before each workout. The book focuses both on muscular endurance and strength training, so that you can improve not only your physical looks but also your long-term health and athleticism. The exercises in the e-book have been designed by personal trainers who use a blend of experience, science and research to develop effective exercises that will target your core muscles, get you results, and decrease the risk of injury. With the 8 weeks of programming, you’ll be able to work your way up in difficulty as your strength and endurance grow, gradually improving your results. The e-book also covers two critical areas of fitness, nutrition and prevention. It covers what types of foods you should be eating, how much you should be eating, and how to avoid injury while exercising. It also provides you with meal plans and recipes tailored to fit your body, as well as information on how different types of foods can fuel you better. This e-book is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen and build their core muscles, whether they’re an avid fitness enthusiast or just starting their fitness journey. It’s a comprehensive tool for targeting those areas, with lots of sound advice for maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding injury. It’s also great for anyone who wants to build a strong foundation for a new fitness routine.


Pros & Cons


• Includes a comprehensive 8 week training program

• Focuses on developing functional strength and core stability

• Provides full-body exercises using bodyweight, resistance bands, and suspension straps

• Includes instructional video library

• Program is suitable for all fitness levels

• Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations

• Available in digital and physical formats


• Expensive compared to other programs

• Relatively short program duration

• Requires access to some specialized equipment

• Not suitable for people with physical limitations or certain medical conditions

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

•Educational guide to help people safely and effectively use bodyweight and free weight training to achieve their fitness goals

•Includes 8 weeks of video-guided workouts, strength-building program, nutrition tips, and more

•The workouts can be scaled to fit any fitness level

•Research-based approach to help you workout smarter, not harder

•Easy to follow guide and media-rich format for anyone looking to start a training program

Reasons Not to Buy:

•Expensive for an e-book

•Not recommended for complete beginners without an understanding of proper form or an introduction to exercising

•Does not cover any new fitness techniques or exercises


• 8-week hybrid program

• Phase 1: Introductory Challenge

• Phase 2: Core Training

• Phase 3: Performance Training

• Emphasis on foundational movements, strength, power, mobility, and conditioning

• Video instruction and demonstrations for each workout

• 36+ unique workouts

• Customizable workouts based on user's fitness level and goals

• Progress tracking

• Meal plan and supplement guide

• Online community and support from fitness professionals

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