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PRVN Bodyweight Program - 6 Week

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PRVN Bodyweight Program - 6 Week

The PRVN Bodyweight Program 6-Week E-Book from Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive guide to improving your bodyweight fitness performance. It is an ebook that includes step-by-step instruction, exercise videos, and detailed nutrition plans tailored to help you reach your goals. The program consists of 6 weeks of progressive bodyweight training which focuses on compound movements and circuit style workouts. The program includes different types of workouts such as aerobic, strength, and conditioning, so you can tailor it to meet your individual needs. The program also features featured guest workouts and bonus bonus exercises which can be done for added challenge. The exercises featured in the program are designed to increase your overall strength and fitness level. There are both bodyweight exercises as well as suggestions for weighted movements so you can progress from beginner to advanced levels. The nutrition guide accompanying the program provides tailored meal plans and macro recommendations to maximize your results and help you reach your goals. You’ll also get access to the PRVN Bodyweight Support Group where you can connect with a community of users and share progress, challenges, and tips. The PRVN Bodyweight Program 6-Week E-Book from Rogue Fitness is comprehensive program that provides you with step-by-step instruction, exercise videos, and nutrition plans to help you reach your fitness goals.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to follow program

• Suitable for all fitness levels

• Includes video instructions for all exercises

• Includes meal plans and recipes

• Includes tracking sheet to monitor progress

• Includes a bonus resource guide


• Does not include access to personal training

• Does not offer meal prepping services

• Does not come with equipment needed for the exercises

• Users must have access to the internet to watch the videos

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Looking for a comprehensive bodyweight training program

• If you’re a beginner who needs guidance in bodyweight training

• Goes at your own pace and trackable from your own device

Should Not Buy:

• Those who are experienced in bodyweight training and are expert in that domain

• Those who are looking for a specialized program focusing on a specific bodyweight style


• 6 Weeks of Daily Bodyweight Workouts

• Proven Progression of Strength Training and Metabolic Conditioning

• Suitable for all Fitness Levels

• Access to Video Instruction and Workout Logs

• Comprehensive Training Guide

• 4 Bodyweight Workouts/Week

• 2 Days Per Week to Focus on Personal Weaknesses

• Program Includes Tips for Setting Goals and Customizing Workouts

• Over 70 Exercises Illustrated and Described

• Design Muscle Emerge Resistance Training Band Included

• Available in Digital and Printed Formats

Quality of MaterialsFeatures
Durable steel materialFull body routine, plyometric and yoga exercises, exercises for balance and agility
Durable rubber materialFull body routine, strength, yoga and HIIT exercises, exercises for balance and mobility
Durable plastic materialUpper body routine, HIIT and core exercises, exercises for balance and agility

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