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PRVN Couch to 5K Program - 8 Week

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PRVN Couch to 5K Program - 8 Week

The PRVN Couch to 5K Program from Rogue Fitness is an 8-week, step-by-step course designed to help anyone transition from leading a largely sedentary lifestyle to becoming a capable 5K runner. The program is structured with novice runners and exercisers in mind, comprised of easy-to-follow progressive workouts that are designed to bring users to the finish line of a 5K as fast and as safe as possible. Each of the eight weekly workouts are designed to give users an indefinite length of time (20-45+ minutes) of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. During the program, users will be guided by an expert coach in how to run and how to acclimate the body to distance running. Instructors utilize a progress-tracking system which enables users to track their progress and have access to all of the necessary data for training. The entire program is broken down into four paths: Path 1 (Walk to a 5K/Virtual 5K); Path 2 (Combo Plank and Walk to a 5K/Virtual 5K); Path 3 (Walk-Jog-Run to a 5K/Virtual 5K); and Path 4 (Run to a 5K/Virtual 5K). All paths can be completed with or without connecting to an app, allowing users the ability to move freely without any pressure from an app or device. In addition to the eight-week program, users are also given access to various running accessories, consult with performance coaches and clinics to help in their transition to 5K. The PRVN Couch to 5K Program is suitable for users of all levels, ranging from novice runners to those who are already active in the running community. It is a perfect course for anyone looking to begin running 5Ks, as it provides helpful tips and guidance throughout the entire duration of the program. Whether you’re looking to become a competitive runner or just want to lead a more active lifestyle, the PRVN Couch to 5K Program can help you reach your goals.


Pros & Cons


• week program makes accomplishing a 5K more achievable

• Challenges each week build Run/Walk ratios for the ultimate goal of running a 5K

• Progress Tracker allows for easy viewing of your weekly accomplishments

• Split into 3 difficulty levels, from beginner to experienced; allows for fitness level customization

• Training plan includes rest days for post-run recovery


• Program not adaptable to other goals than running a 5K

• Lacks more detailed instructions/guidance to encourage full program completion

• No progress tracker for after completion of the 8-week program

• May be too short of a program for sectioned-off areas not as familiar with running a 5K

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for an 8-week workout plan that will help them transition from a couch to a 5K course.

• People who are motivated to exercise and increase their fitness levels.

• Beginner runners who want to improve their running form and technique while training.

Who Should Not Buy:

• Advanced runners who have already achieved their 5K goals.

• People who are not interested in a long-term running program.

• Those looking for a quick and easy fix.


• Start by walking for a few minutes to loosen up

• Alternates between walking and running intervals for 20 to 30 minutes

• 3 non-consecutive days per week

• Increment pace and distance each week

• Peak performance after 8 weeks

• 8 mile goal for advanced exerciser

• 2 to 3 mile goal for intermediate exerciser

• 1 mile goal for beginner exerciser

PriceProgram DurationType of Training
$59.958 weeksOnline
$94.998 weeksOnline/Offline
Free8 weeksMobile App
$59.999 weeksApp/iTunes

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