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PRVN Squat Program - 8 Week

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PRVN Squat Program - 8 Week

The PRVN Squat Program 8-Week E-Book from Rogue Fitness is an in-depth squat training program designed to aid weightlifters in improving their squat strength and technique. Based on the “Progressive Range of Volume & Novelty” (PRVN) training principles developed by former Russian powerlifters, this 8-week program will take you through a series of volume and intensity training phases, helping you to maximize your gains and make the most out of your squats. The program begins with an in-depth explanation of the PRVN principles, followed by detailed workout instructions, reinforced with thorough illustrations and photos. You will then move on to workout breakdowns, correct form guidance, and performance optimization tips – all designed to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your personal squat goals. Every workout in this program has been meticulously planned to ensure progressive overload and to prevent overtraining. Highlights include: an emphasis on the low-bar squat and how to safely program it; how to manipulate your training volume and intensity across the 8 weeks; plus evidence-based guidelines for rest and recovery. All in all, if your goal is to maximize your squat performance and reach new heights, the PRVN Squat Program 8-Week E-Book from Rogue Fitness should be at the top of your list.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to follow 8-week program created by a certified personal trainer

• Comprehensive program that helps you learn more about the squat

• Covers all progressions of the squat from bodyweight to barbell to special squat variations

• Includes detailed instruction and photos to assist with proper technique and form

• Provides video library with full exercise library to help improve your mobility and posture

• Includes nutrition guidance and tracking tools


• Not tailored to individual needs

• Cost of the program upfront may be prohibitive for some

• Nutrition guidance may not suit everyone's needs

• Lack of in-person guidance and supervision, so it may be challenging to easily make adjustments as needed

Who Should Buy

The 8-Week PRVO Squat Program is a great choice for people who are looking to improve their squatting technique and increase their strength. This program is not for people who are already very strong squatters or who have perfect technique.


• 8-week Program

• Includes 12 Total Working Sets per Week

• Includes 2 Sessions per Week (One Upper and One Lower Body)

• Includes 4 Exercises: Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Bent-Over Rows

• Uses a 5-3-1 Rep Range Protocol

• Utilizes Rest-Pause Sets on Many Lifts

• Utilizes Paused Reps Primarily for Squats

• Includes Programs for Both Heavy (95%) and Light (75%) Days

• Includes Warm Up and Activation Routines for Each Session

Product NameWorkout LengthSets/RepsNumber of Exercise
Rogue PRVN Squat Program - 8 Week8 WeeksVaries7
Planet Fitness 12 Week Challenge12 WeeksVaries6
Strong Lifts 5x58 Weeks5 Reps/5 Sets3
30-Day Squat Challenge30 DaysVaries9
Functional Legs Training8 WeeksVaries11

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