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PRVN Swimming Program - 10 Week

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PRVN Swimming Program - 10 Week

-performance-plan The PRVN Swimming Program 10-Week Performance Plan from Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive program designed to take swimmers to the next level. The program includes nine one-hour videos and 10+ hours of technique instruction by a professional swim coach. The program also includes detailed daily workout plans, warm-ups, cool-downs, and proper stretching exercises to optimize performance. The program is designed to improve a swimmer’s technique, boost their confidence in the water and provide them with valuable training lessons. It covers all the essential strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and individual medley. It also provides guidance on starts, turns and finishes. The program is suitable for swimmers of all levels, from those who are just starting out with little or no swimming experience to competitive swimmers looking to take their performance to the next level. It is suitable for both competitive and fitness swimmers. The program is delivered through nine one-hour videos broken down into three parts: Technique Refinement, Swim Drills and Workouts, and Racing Strategies. The videos provide detailed instructions and coaching to improve swimming technique, and the daily workout plans vary from endurance to interval to high intensity workouts. Furthermore, the program offers personalized plans, tips and corrections to enable swimmers to reach their individual goals. The PRVN Swimming Program 10-Week Performance Plan from Rogue Fitness is an excellent resource for swimmers of all levels looking to improve their technique, confidence, and performance in the water.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive 10-week program for swimmers looking to improve their technique

• Weekly schedule for workouts that can be done in a pool or open water

• Three levels to choose from to accommodate all levels of fitness

• Includes downloadable instructional videos

• Personalized feedback from a Rogue coach


• Investment required upfront for the product

• Limited to strictly swimming techniques

• Results may take time to see depending on the individual

• Only available online

• Not applicable to swimmers who compete in specific events

Who Should Buy

The Rogue Fitness PRVN swimming program is designed for experienced swimmers looking to take their performance to the next level. It is not suitable for those just getting started in the sport, as some more basic knowledge and technique is needed to successfully complete the program.


- 10 Week Program

- Goal Oriented Training

- Build a Perfect Stroke

- Learn Proven Technique

- Improve Your Time

- Build Stamina and Power

- Self-Analysis Workouts

- Personal Feedback

- Performance Charts

- Comprehensive Data Tracking

- Downloadable Training Logs

- Assistance From Highly Qualified Coaches

Feature Rogue PRVN Swimming Program - 10 Week---------------------------------Product 1Product 2Product 3
Number of Sessions per Week323
Coach to Athlete Ratio1:4-71:3-41:4-7
Skill Level GroupingAge group and abilityAge group onlyAge group and ability
Tapering OptionYesNoYes

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