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Puori C3

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Puori C3

Puori C3 is an all-natural multivitamin supplement that is designed to support the body's physiological functions. Puori’s C3 formula consists of seven essential vitamins, nine minerals, and 3 herbal extracts, which combine to promote general wellbeing and aid in maintaining good health. The Puori C3 formula contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Complex Vitamins, Zinc, Copper and Selenium, all essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support our body’s health and wellbeing. Also included in the formula are three natural herbal extracts: Broccoli seed extract, Grape skin extract and Brown seaweed extract. All three extracts have antioxidant properties and have been shown to have various health-promoting benefits. The Puori C3 supplement is designed to be taken daily to ensure that the body is getting the necessary daily amount of essential vitamins and minerals and to help support a healthy lifestyle. While Puori C3 is a high-quality supplement, it is important to note that supplementations should not replace proper nutrition, physical activity and medical care from your healthcare provider. For those looking for an all-in-one multivitamin supplement, Puori C3 is a great choice. The quality ingredients, plus beneficial extracts make the Puori C3 multivitamin an excellent option to support and maintain good health.


Pros & Cons


• Plant-based, Clean formulation

• Contains Omega-3 to support cardiovascular health

• Contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

• Can be taken with or without food

• servings per bottle


• Contains Algae, which some people may be allergic to

• Contains artificial sweeteners

• High sugar content

• Contains additives, preservatives and coloring

• Pricey for Omega-3 supplement

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High-quality ingredients and natural sources

• Wide range of application cases, including energy booster and muscle recovery

• Multi-vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant blend

• Clinically-backed to improve overall health and well-being

Should Not Buy:

• People with particular allergies to the ingredients contained in the product

• People expecting sudden and drastic improvement in their physical performance

• People who are expecting the product to work as a replacement for exercise and a balanced diet


- 220lb Carriage Weight Capacity

- 6 Polygonal Adjustable Weight Stack Positions

- Pull-Pin Adjustment System

- Pre-Loaded with 260lbs of Weight-Pinned Plates

- Heavy Duty Steel Construction With Rounded Steel Tubing

- Includes Curl/Lat/Leg Extension/ Squat Attachments

- Automated Silence Tech Resistance System

- Industrial Grade Steel Frame

- One-Handed resistance adjustment

- Three-Position Seat Adjustment

- Foldable for Easy Storage

Puori C3- 4g premium marine collagen peptides <br> - Vitamin C for collagen formation <br> - Cysteine, glycine and proline for joint and cartilage health <br> - Hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and joint lubrication <br> - Type I & III collagen for skin, hair, nails, muscles and joint health
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides- 10g collagen peptides <br>- 18g protein <br>- Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for improved absorption <br>- Free of antibiotics, hormones and gluten
Reserveage Nutrition Collagen Booster- 650mg Verisol® collagen <br>- Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, boron and lysine for absorption <br>- Supports healthy skin, hair, nails and joints <br>- Vegan formula free of dairy, lactose and hormones
Garden of Life Collagen Powder- 16g collagen peptides <br>- 10g of protein per scoop <br>- Vitamin C to help support absorption and collagen formation <br>- 1 billion CFU probiotics <br>- Gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free

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