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Rapid Rings

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Rapid Rings

The Rogue Fitness Rapid Rings and Gym Pack is a lightweight and durable fitness storage solution that provides convenient access and easy storage of your equipment and accessories. The pack includes a total of 5 Rogue branded Rapid Rings with a capacity of up to 350lbs each, which are securely mounted to a wall and can provide a great range of versatility when it comes to using multiple pieces of equipment in your home gym. Additionally, each ring comes with an integrated pull-through loop and the entire pack includes durable straps and clips that allow you to quickly and securely attach accessories. The Rapid Rings and Gym Pack also includes three medium sized storage pockets on the outside, which are perfect for safely storing accessories and supplies, such as climbing ropes, chalk, wrist wraps, and more. Along with the storage pockets, the outside of the pack also features a key ring so you can attach any storage keys that you might need during your workouts. The high strength, reinforced construction of the Rogue Fitness Rapid Rings and Gym Pack ensures a long life and reliable performance, perfect for everyday home gym use.

  • Rapid Rings

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  • Rapid Rings Gym Packs

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Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction with padded internal compartments

• Multi-functional design provides storage for all of your fitness items

• Made with heavy-duty construction materials

• Lightweight design ensures comfortable carrying

• Access to your items is quick and easy with the zip closure

• Insulated compartment to keep your items cool


• Expensive compared to some other options on the market

• Not waterproof

• Doesn't come with a shoulder strap for easier carrying

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking for a comprehensive way to keep track of their gym gear

• Anyone looking for an easy way to store their workout gear products

• Those interested in a more convenient and organized workout gear storage system

Who Should Not Buy:

- Anyone who isn't looking for a storage solution

- Those looking for a budget purchase

- People who aren't interested in an easy and efficient way to keep their gear secure and organized


-Sturdy steel construction

-Black powder coat finish

-50" outside diameter

-14" inside diameter

-Adjustable circumference from 6' to 18'

-Comes with two mounting brackets

-Mounting hardware included

-Weight capacity of 600 lbs.

16 lbs.Steel30"
9 lbs.Wood14"
6 lbs.Wood31"
12 lbs.Wood15"
6 lbs.Steel/Wood22"

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