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-20kg The Raw WodRod 20kg is a premium weightlifting barbell manufactured by Rogue Fitness. Featuring 97,000 PSI tensile strength steel, with 190 KSI, this steel barbell offers professional quality built with heavy-duty construction for long-term durability. The shaft has a 500K tensile strength composite. The bar is also finished with a bright zinc plating for a stylish, corrosion-resistant effect. The bar has dual knurling marks to organize your hands for a variety of lifts. The knurling has two different types. The center knurling is slightly aggressive with the cross knurling at the powerlifter marks. It also has whip that can flex and provide bounce during your lifts, while still keeping the integrity of the steel. The bar has a unique dual-bearing system to maximize spin and reduce wear. The bar also has four needle bearings in each collar that create an optimal bearing surface. The raw moisture wicking handgrips feature a “Athlete Original” logo, a raised hard plastic diamond pattern. Along with the raw stainless steel end-caps, the bar has a total weight of 20kg (45 lbs). Ideal for Olympic weightlifting exercises, power and mass building, the Raw WodRod 20kg is the perfect combination of construction and design for exercising with proper form. Whether at home or in a professional gym, this barbell will allow you to perform your weight training exercises with ease and confidence. Available in black and black/yellow, this barbell will allow you to stand out from the crowd.


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  • WODROD® Abrasive Inserts

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Pros & Cons


• Made from high-quality steel for durability

• Smooth and Consistent bearing rollers

• Compact design

• Can hold up to 1000 pounds with the rod itself weighing less than 6 pounds

• Can turn conventional full-body lifts into workouts for smaller muscle groups


• Narrow range of motion limits effectiveness of certain exercises

• Can be hard to place in some gyms due to uneven flooring

• Not ideal for direct lifting movements as it doesn't have much grip

• Risk of injury if it isn’t used properly

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

-CrossFitters who want to add more challenge to their regular workouts

-Athletes who want to improve their strength and power

-Escape room enthusiasts looking for a physical challenge

Who Should Not Buy

-People who are new to weightlifting/athletic training

-People who don't like challenges and want only easy exercise

-People who are prone to injury and need more passive workout tools


• Length: 2.31m / 7'7"

• Width: 66.0cm / 26"

• Weight: 4.15kg / 9lbs 10oz

• Volume: 175L

• Sail Range: 3.2-6.2m2

• Fins: Powerbox

• Foil Setup: Single Hull + Foil

• Construction: Wood, Carbon, PVC, Nomex

• Fin Box Type: Powerbox

ProductWeightLoad CapacityHandle Size
TITLE Boxing Speed Bag75 lbs800 lbs4"
Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand60 lbs400 lbs5.5"
Rogue RAW WODROD6 lbs600 lbs5"
Ringside 12" Wall Mounted Boxing Bag System110 lbs200 lbs4"

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