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ReMARKable Dry Erase Coating

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ReMARKable Dry Erase Coating

Rogue's Remarkable Dry Erase Coating is a multi-purpose product designed to help transform surfaces into a functional dry erase board. It is perfect for use on walls, doors, tabletops, tables and other surfaces which can be easily written on and wiped off. It is a white matte adhesive which comes as a spray, in a can of one pint, and only takes a few hours to dry and cure. The coating creates a smooth, even surface for writing and erasing making it ideal for classrooms, home offices, businesses and more. The writing won't smudge or ghost over time, allowing for easy and effective presentation of information and ideas. The paint can also be used to create DIY dry erase surfaces on a variety of materials including ceramic, concrete, metal, plastic and more. This product is low odor, non-toxic, and easy to clean. It is also UV-resistant and water-resistant, ensuring durability and lasting performance.

  • ReMARKable 35sf Kit - Clear

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  • ReMARKable 35sf Kit - White

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  • ReMARKable 50sf Kit - Clear

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  • ReMARKable 50sf Kit - White

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Pros & Cons


• Makes any wall or surface erasable and reusable

• Environmentally friendly & Zero VOCs

• Highly durable, scratch & stain resistant

• Easy to apply & fast dry times

• Easily cleaned with mild soap and water


• Requires 2-3 coats to achieve full coverage

• Not recommended for outdoor use

• Must apply multiple thin coats to ensure proper adhesion

• Does not work on textured surfaces

• Not compatible with permanent markers

Who Should Buy

People who need a whiteboard that can be written on and erased easily should buy the Remarkable Dry Erase Coating. People who do not need a whiteboard or who need a different type of whiteboard should not buy the Remarkable Dry Erase Coating.


• Matte finish

• Very low VOC

• Zero odor

• Non-toxic

• Low-odor

• Easy to clean

• Passes Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

• Indoor Air Quality Certified

• Low Volatile Organic Compound Emissions (VOCs)

• Highly scrubbable and stain resistant

• Resists finger smears and ghosting

• Seals up porous surfaces

• Single product application for both primer and top coat

• Quick dry — tack-free to the touch in 1 hour

• Coverage of 500-600 square feet per gallon.

Sheen LevelCoverageSizeDurability
Matte550-650 sq ft/galGallon20-22 mils (2-3 coats)
Low Sheen250-300 sq ft/galQuart20-22 mils (3 coats)
Matte375-500 sq ft/galQuart22-24 mils (2-3 coats)
Glossy65-75 sq ft/galQuart35-50 mils (2 coats)

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