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Rep Wax

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Rep Wax

. The RepWax neoprene coated weightlifting straps from Rogue Fitness are the perfect tool for any gym or weightlifting enthusiast. Crafted from high-grade neoprene, these straps allow for extra grip and comfort when performing pull-ups, deadlifts, and other common weightlifting movements. The neoprene coating prevents chafing, increases the life of the straps, and provides a light level of insulation from intense temperatures. These heavy-duty straps are also incredibly strong – with a weight capacity of over 6,000 pounds – and are guaranteed to keep up with your most intense workouts. The straps come in three sizes – 18", 20", and 24" straps – so you can choose the right size to fit your hands and help you achieve maximum performance. Finally, the straps are easy to use – just wrap them around the bar, and they’ll be ready to keep you safe during your gym sessions. So pick up a pair of RepWax neoprene coated straps today and get the most out of your weightlifting.

  • Rep Wax - Single Bar

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  • Rep Wax - Two Pack

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  • Rep Wax - Six Pack

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to apply

• Will not crack, chip, or flake

• Protects barbell knurl

• Provides a great grip

• Improves performance

• Durable and long-lasting

• Non-toxic and fragrance-free


• Expensive compared to other barbell wax options

• Can be difficult to remove from barbells

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Provides an extra layer of protection for the barbell

• Non-tacky formula keeps the barbell from slipping

• Improves the grip and prevents palms from becoming sweaty

Should Not Buy:

• The wax can eventually wear off

• The wax can leave a residue on the appropriate

• Can cause an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin


• Length: 4”

• Width: 2”

• Thickness: 0.5mm

• Material: Cera F

• Temperature Range: 10°F to 180°F

• Color: White

• Finish: Smooth

Product NamevolumeQuantityDurability
Rogue Rep Wax4oz (118 ml)1Up to 3 months
U-Pol Wax4oz (118 ml)1Up to 2 months
Gliptone Wax5.8oz (170 ml)1Up to 6 months
2691 Wax16oz (473 ml)1Up to 12 months

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