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Revbalance FIT

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Revbalance FIT

The Rogue RevBand Balance Fit is a versatile, adjustable strength-training accessory designed to offer a robust range of mobility, balance and plyometric exercises. Constructed with a dense rubber band, this product features two main components: a pair of adjustable, foot-friendly "feet brackets" and a grip bar attachment piece. Thefeet bracket pieces are connected to the same band and allow users to adjust the width between them. This comes in handy for targeting specific muscles or for performing squats and plyometric exercises with a wider stance. The grip bar attachment piece makes it easy to customize your own fitness routine by providing a secure handle for grip, kettlebell, and cable rowing exercises. What really sets it apart from other fitness bands is its innovative, versatile design. Not only can you perform multiple, core-strengthening exercises with it, the angles across the feet brackets can be shifted, allowing you to perform leg, hip, and core exercises with better form. The range of motion allows you to work different muscle groups without having to warp, bend or adjust the bands. Plus, at 5/8 inches thick, it's built to stand up to heavy usage and won't roll when doing fast-paced movements. Overall, the Rogue RevBand Balance Fit is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile, adjustable strength band to help supplement their workouts. Its adjustable feet brackets and grip bar attachment offer plenty of options for targeting different muscle groups and the durable, non-slip design is perfect for intense movements.


Pros & Cons


• Self-contained and portable

• Easily fits into portable bags, gym lockers, car trunks, and closets

• Designed to help you quickly transition between exercises to efficiently burn fat and build muscle

• Lightweight at only 8 pounds

• Multi-functional, combining elements of a resistance trainer, ab rocker, and squat machine in one product

• Minimalistic design allows for a wide variety of exercises

• Foam-covered handlebars and base for comfortable use

• Strengthens core by engaging abs, glutes, and more


• Lightweight Construction may not be overly durable

• Exercises may lack versatility compared to some other fitness machines

• Non-adjustable design may limit the variety of exercises for taller people

Who Should Buy

Why Buy Rogue Balance Fit Blue:

• Durable and stable powder coated steel frame

• Push pin system for quick and easy adjustments

• Ergonomic hand grips with a non-slip finish for maximum safety

• Low profile base is designed for safety and stability

• Excellent value compared to similar balance boards on the market.

Why Not Buy Rogue Balance Fit Blue:

• Not suitable for larger people who may exceed the weight capacity

• Can be a bit unstable on carpets or rugs

• Limited options for customization, making it less versatile than other boards on the market


- Dimensions: 7' L x 5' W x 7' H

- Weight: 495 lbs

- Max Capacity: 1,200 lbs

- Colour options: Matte Black, White, or Blue

- 2 inch thick steel frame with powder coat finish

- Triple anchor point support system for stability

- Free-standing design with 600-pound steel footing system

- Balance Board can be swiveled between 0°-30° for stability training

- Heavy duty triple-stitch frame with steel and H2O protector coating

- Reversible inclined base with adjustable support beams

- Dual rail system with special non-marking rail cushion

- Dual independent cable systems: low to high tensile strength ranging from 1,200-2,500 lbs

- Heavy-duty handle and footplate for balance training

- 4 x J-hooks – 2x Notevel™ & 2x Stilla™j-hook

- 8 x Olympic-sized weight storage pegs located along the length of the frame

- 11 x resistance band pegs with heavy duty steel covers

Product 1Product 2Product 3
250 lbs250 lbs250 lbs
42" x 28" x 1/2"40" x 28" x 1/4"36" x 24" x 1/4"
One-Year Warranty30-Day WarrantyOne-Year Warranty
Anti-Slip, Textured GripNon-Slip, Textured GripNon-Slip, Textured Grip

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