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Revbalance Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

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Revbalance Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

-and-mat The Revbalance Focus Standing Desk Balance Board and Mat from Rogue Fitness is the perfect tool for boosting focus and improving physical health. This device is designed to seamlessly integrate into any standing desk setup, providing an effortless addition to any workstation. The main unit is made from a durable construction of Baltic birch wood, with two adjustable points for users to adjust the board’s angle. An innovative foam core of the board is crafted to keep dust, dirt, and static electricity away meaning sweat,dust, and dirt won't affect balance of the board. Included with the board is a coordinating rubber mat that adds cushion, traction, and a non-slip surface to the desk; while also providing additional protection to flooring. The combination of subtle motion and adjustment encourages active seating, helping to improve posture, core strength, and reduce stress while working. With a sleek aesthetic, this device not only looks great, but is also the perfect addition to any home or office workspace.

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Pros & Cons


• Increases core strength, stability, and balance

• Easy to set up and adjust

• Helps to improve posture and reduce muscle stiffness

• Heavy-duty materials last long

• Cleans quickly and is slip resistant


• May not be suitable for those with balance or mobility issues

• Expensive compared to traditional chairs and desks

• Large size may not fit in a standard office

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

•Desk workers who want to improve their balance and posture.

•People looking to integrate active movement into their workday.

•Anyone interested in improving their overall health.

•People with existing joint injuries or physical conditions who need to incorporate passive movement into their daily routine.

Who should not buy:

•People with limited range of motion and limited strength.

•People who are looking for a traditional standing desk.

•People who prefer to alternate between active and passive movement throughout the day.


- Adjustable Tilt (0-14 Degrees)

- Immense Weight Capacity (supports up to 250 lbs)

- Wobble Board is 17.5” Wide

- 4 Durable Non-Marking Feet

- 4″ of Wobble Resistance

- 4 Ergonomic Non-Skid Standing Desk Mats

- Built with 6 Wooden Inserts to Prevent Over Tilting

- Nonslip Textured Surface to Increase Stability

Rogue Revbalance Focus Standing Desk Balance Boardsimilar product 1similar product 2similar product 3
Max User Weight315 lbs300 lbs300 lbs300 lbs
Weight15 lbs14 lbs12.5 lbs14.5 lbs
Low Profile DesignYesNoYesNo
Surface MaterialAnti-Slip FoamBamboo WoodPVC boardBamboo Wood
Rocker Degree10-1215

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