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Robic Timer SC-505W

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Robic Timer SC-505W

The Rogue Robic SC-505W Countdown Timer is an essential tool for any athlete, coach, or trainer who wants to keep track of, and organize, their workout intervals. The timer is easy to use, featuring an LED digital display that quickly presents pre-programmed interval sessions. It's shock-proof, water-resistant, and has a safety lanyard that allows for either wall-mounting or portable use. With a range of functions and settings, the timer is safe, simple, and totally reliable. The timer can be customized for intervals from 1 second to 99 minutes, with 150 memory slots for up to five-sets of preset intervals. It also offers 9 types of preset routines, including AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), Tabata, round timer, TAB3, battle rope, rounds for time, count up, interval timer, and interval with Memory Repeat. It's powered by an easy-to-replace AAA-size battery, and its LCD display features four viewing options: Clock Mode, Timer Mode, Interval Mode, and Training Mode. Designed for athletes who want to accurately measure and progress their workouts, the Rogue Robic SC-505W Countdown Timer provides a primary go-to resource when tracking and organizing training sessions. With its wide range of display functions and presets, the timer offers a reliable and useful experience that simplifies the process of tracking intervals, distance and time.


Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction

• Water resistant

• High visibility display

• Easy setup & operation

• Signal output feature

• Timers can be connected together for multiple gymnasts

• Comes with a jumper cable for connecting multiple timers


• Expensive compared to similar products

• Remote control sold separately

• May require a power outlet for long-term use

• Limited programming capabilities

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Highly accurate timing device

• Extra-large digital display

• Voice prompts and alarm tones with volume control

• Water and dust resistant for any fitness environment

• Intelligent computer voices to help manage work-outs

• Ideal for individual or group workouts

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Costlier than competing products

• Limited compatibility with other fitness equipment

• Not suitable for use in outdoor or wet environments


-Time up, time down, rules of 30/60/45/15, dual interval, continuous, rep +, and rep count modes

-Large, easy-to-read 1.5-inch LCD screen

-Can time events up to 24 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds

-Accurate to 0.01 second

-Count up with fractional count over 100 hours

-Count down with two alarms

-Flexible, adjustable volume control

-External controls for start, stop, reset, alarm

-Rubber bottom surface for secure placement on a variety of surfaces

-Battery operation (AAA batteries included) for portability

-Dimensions: 2.14” H x 4.50” W x 0.75” D

Robic Robic Timer SC-505WSimilar Product ASimilar Product BSimilar Product C
Countdown and Count up FunctionCountdown and Count up FunctionCountdown and Count up FunctionCountdown and Count up Function
Time and Alarm MemoryTime and Alarm MemoryTime and Alarm MemoryTime and Alarm Memory
9999 lap memory999 lap memory9999 lap memory1000 lap memory
5 Year Battery Life5 Year Battery Life5 Year Battery Life10 Year Battery Life
Magentic BackMagentic BackMagentic BackNo Magnetic Back
Water ResistantWater ResistantWater ResistantNo Water Resistance

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