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Rocktape 2" Black

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Rocktape 2" Black

Rocktape 2 Black is a high-grade adhesive tape designed to support sports and athletic performance. The tape is made from a unique blend of cotton, nylon and spandex, giving it a durable, yet stretchy texture. The tape provides flexibility and support without limiting range of motion, following your body’s natural movements. In addition, it is moisture-proof and breathable, helping to prevent chafing and irritation in highly active activities. The Rocktape 2 Black is lightweight, making it exceptionally easy to work with and apply to your body. It is also designed to stay in place for up to five days, so you can wear it during the toughest workouts without fear of the tape slipping off. The adhesive prevents it from easily peeling off and provides extra comfort while allowing your skin to breathe. The Rocktape 2 Black is ideal for sports and other physical activities that involve repetitive motions. It can help increase blood flow, decrease overall muscle fatigue and improve overall performance by helping to reduce the impact of micro-injuries, reducing the risk of athletic-related strain. It is also excellent for recovering from injuries that affect larger muscles, and can help reduce inflammation and pain while allowing the healing process to occur. The Rocktape 2 Black comes in a variety of colors, and is suitable for any skin type. It is recommended for individuals who participate in endurance sports, lifting, CrossFit, yoga, or are recovering from injury. With its unique blend of materials, excellent adhesion and breathability, this product is sure to provide athletes with the best possible support for their next physical activity.


Pros & Cons


• Can reduce pain caused by inflammation

• Breathable and light, can offer comfortable wear all day

• Provides durable, non-restrictive support

• Hypoallergenic Construction making it ideal for sensitive skin

• Physiologically correct adhesive for better performance

• Waterproof protection from mud, rain and sweat


• Data suggests that it may not be effective for everyone

• Can be difficult to apply in certain areas

• Not suitable for contact sports

• Can cause skin irritation when applied for long periods of time

• Can be expensive

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

- Athletes looking for comfortable, supportive tape for their body

- Physical therapists looking for a reliable and effective way to support and protect their patients

- Bodybuilders or weightlifters who are looking for a strong and secure tape to support and protect their muscles during workouts

Who Should Not Buy

- Those who are allergic to adhesive tape

- Anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to athletic tape

- Anyone who needs an extremely strong and durable tape


• 2” width

• 190% stretch

• 600 PSI tear resistance

• Left with adhesive backing

• Highly breathable and flexibile

• durable & ultra-strong

• 98% cotton, 2% nylon construction

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Gear Prow Kinesiology Tape90% Cotton/10% Nylon2"16 Yards

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