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Rocktape 2" Hot Pink

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Rocktape 2" Hot Pink

. Rocktape 2 Hot Pink is a medical grade elastic kinesiology tape designed to improve athletic performance and offer therapeutic support to muscles and joints. The product's skin-friendly composition helps reduce friction and increase circulation while providing enhanced support. The tape offers rapid feedback and mimic's the body's full range of movement by stretching with the skin. Each 2-inch tape strip provides close adherence and flexibility, making it ideal for areas such as the neck, elbows, shoulders, and wrists. The tape's bright pink color allows for easy visualization and differentiation from other rocktape series. Its unique hypoallergenic adhesive ensures secure and comfortable application for up to five days at a time, even in the harshest conditions. The product also features antibacterial properties and is latex free, making it suitable for use on sensitive areas. Rocktape 2 Hot Pink is quick and easy to apply, allowing athletes to quickly get back in the game. Its unique blend of elasticity and medical grade adhesive makes it suitable for use during any kind of physical activity. Whether you are a runner, weight lifter, fighter, or golfer, Rocktape 2 Hot Pink promises to improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue, and offer support and relief to muscles, joints, and ligaments.


Pros & Cons


• Available in vivid colors that stand out

• Mimics the thickness, elasticity, and weight of human skin

• Can be used to provide support and reduce inflammation for a variety of sports and medical applications

• Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

• Smooth texture provides flexibility and comfortable use

• Offers 360-degree stretch

• Durable and designed to withstand vigorous activities


• May cause skin irritation in some users

• Adhesive strength can decrease with sweat

• More expensive than other brands of kinesiology tape

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable and reliable - high quality and long-lasting tape

• Great support to muscles and joints - helps increase performance and reduce fatigue

• Comfort and flexibility - helps keep skin cool and dry

• Variety of colors - choose the style and color that best suits your needs

Should Not Buy:

• Not designed for serious athletes - not suitable for those looking to maximize performance

• Short lifespan - wears away over time

• Not waterproof - potential to get wet and damage the product


-Hot Pink Color

-2” Wide

-Stretched Length: 16.4 ft.

-Thickness: 2.7mm (0.11 in.)

-Stretchiness: 180-190%

-Adhesive: Medical grade, heat activated acrylic

-Durability: up to 7 days with proper application and care

2 in36 ydsYes190%No
2 in32 ydsYes180%No
2 in16.4 ydsYes180%No
2 in16.4 ydsYes180%No
2 in16.4 ydsYes180%No

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