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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard C-68S Bar - Black Cerakote Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve

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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard C-68S Bar - Black Cerakote Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve

The Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars are a unique and short-run offering from the renowned fitness equipment company, Rogue Fitness. This particular bar is constructed with a 25MM shaft diameter – slightly thicker than standard size bars – and a knurled surface that allows for a secure grip on your lifts. The bar is made with a black Cerakote finish on the shaft, and bright zinc sleeves, allowing you to add some flash and flair to your gym setup.The bar's strength is tested to exceed standards set by the International Powerlifting Federation and boasts an ultimate tensile strength (UTS) rating of 215,000 PSI. The bar also has a very low “whippiness” rating of 1.0% due to its stiff construction, meaning that you won’t have to worry about as much bend when doing max effort lifts or when performing Olympic lifts with heavy weight.The overall length of the bar is 86.5” with a loadable sleeve length of 16.4”, allowing for enough room for various loading configurations. The spin of the bar’s bearings is very smooth and is rated at 8 on the Rogue spin index scale (a higher number indicates smoother spin). The bar features end caps with the Rogue shield stamped on them and weighs in at 19.2 kg (42 lbs). Whether you’re looking for a unique barbell with a little bit of an edge or just want to spice up your gym, the Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars are sure to make a statement.


Pros & Cons


• Certified on Rogue Fitness' 6-year warranty

• Multiple finish and sleeve color options

• Features 25mm diameter shaft to give a firm grip

• Snap ring design to prevent sleeves from sliding and loosening

- Bushings guarantee Consistent spin


• Low grade steel material which can potentially affect performance

• May be weak in terms of longevity and tensile strength

• Limited knurling degrees, may not provide enough grip for powerlifting

• Does not come with center knurling, which is often favored in Olympic lifts

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Heavy duty construction

• Fast and easy setup

• Comfortable non-slip grip

• Variety of color options

• Perfect for beginner or intermediate lifters

Should Not Buy:

• Cost prohibitive for higher-level lifters

• Not suitable for Olympic lifts

• Not great for those with narrow shoulders


•25MM Boneyard Bar with black Cerakote finish

•Bright Zinc Sleeve

•Made in the USA

•Weight Rating: 300KG/660LB

•Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.4"

•Grip: 28.5MM Diameter / 205K PSI Tensile Strength

•Rotation: Composite Bushings

•Sleeve Assembly: Snap Rings

•No Center Knurling

•Dimensions: 89.75"L x 2.5"W

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26MM Outer Diameter Shaft34MM Outer Diameter Shaft28.5MM Outer Diameter Shaft29MM Outer Diameter Shaft
28.5MM Inner Diameter Sleeve34.9MM Inner Diameter Sleeve28.5MM Outer Diameter Sleeve29MM Inner Diameter Sleeve
500LB Tensile Strength700LB Tensile Strength425LB Tensile Strength550LB Tensile Strength
Bright Zinc SleeveChrome SleeveBlack Zinc SleeveBlack Cerakote Sleeve

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