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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 25MM Bella Bar with (Raw Shaft / Raw Sleeve)

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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 25MM Bella Bar with (Raw Shaft / Raw Sleeve)

The Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bella Bar brings a unique and dependable style to any design-oriented home gym. The bar offers a 25mm shaft, providing a secure and comfortable grip for the most intensive lifts and strength-training sessions. The unique raw-finish shaft and high-tensile, one-piece chrome sleeves blend sleek sophistication with the hard-wage durability of a forged steel construction. The design of the bar features a uncertified 190K tensile strength that is certifiable up to 216K, making it more than able to handle the daily grind of serious bar-work. Even better, the limited edition raw finish also offers a stylish appearance, ensuring the bar looks just as good in your home gym as it performs. The right-hand only knurling texture is combined with a smooth finish on the left side, delivering an ideal combination of slip-resistance and comfort. Plus, the needle bearings of the bar ensure a quiet, reliable spin. An overall length of 86.25" (2.2m) with loadable sleeve length of 16.50" (0.4m) provides plenty of length for any space. Whether your lifting, powerlifting, or CrossFit-style workout, the Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bella Bar will help you maximize your potential for any number of different exercises.


Pros & Cons


• Durable and solid Construction

• High tensile strength and durability

• Includes Rogue branding

• Depth of knurling is optimized for higher grip strength and stability

• Ergonomic design helps reduce stress and wrist fatigue

• Compatible with Olympic plates


• Pricey for a bare metal barbell

• Not great for heavy squats and deadlifts due to lower load capacity

• Can become too slippery when lifting with lots of chalk

Who Should Buy

Who Should:

• Individuals who are looking for a barbell that is budget-friendly

• Individuals who prioritize having a durable barbell

• Individuals who plan on doing Olympic-style lifts

Who Should Not:

• Individuals who prioritize having a warranty

• Individuals who don’t need an Olympic-style barbell

• Individuals who are willing to spend more on a barbell for better quality


-Weight: 25MM barbell = 20kg / 45lb

-Steel: North American made alloy blend

-Knurl: Medium depth, single knurl marks

-Sleeve: Raw sleeves equipped with oilite bushings, snap r

ProductShaft FinishSleeve FinishKnurling
Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - BoneyardRawRawAggressive Knurl
American Barbell HTS-20 BarbellBlack oxideChromeAggressive Knurl
Werksan 13A Ol lympic BarBright ZincHard ChromeAggressive Knurl
Rep CoC Standard BarbellBright ZincBlack oxideMedium Knurl

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