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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 25mm Women's Training Bar - Various Coatings

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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 25mm Women's Training Bar - Various Coatings

The Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bar is a versatile, heavy-duty weightlifting bar designed for serious weightlifting and strength training. It is available in multiple coatings and in two sizes: women's and men's. The structure of the Boneyard Bar is made up of a 25mm diameter 190,000 PSI steel shaft, giving it superior tensile strength, with a smooth zinc or black phosphate coating that is designed to reduce corrosion and wear. The bar is equipped with dual knurling marks and mechanical grooves for a secure grip on a variety of lifts. The bar also comes equipped with a unique weight-rating system allowing users to easily load the bar to its maximum weight capacity of 1,500 lbs. The Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bar is a great tool for any weightlifter, whether beginner or advanced. With its heavy-duty construction, precise engineering, and versatile design, the Boneyard Bar is an essential piece for any serious strength training program.


Pros & Cons


-Durable and heavy-duty Construction

• mm diameter shaft suitable for performing Olympic lifts

• Knurl markings spaced for both powerlifting and Olympic lifts

• Standard Olympic sleeves

• Multiple finishes available for an aesthetically pleasing look

• Made in USA


• Pricey

• No center knurling

• Only available in 28.5mm or 29mm length

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy

• Those looking for a barbell to perform Olympic lifts and other general barbell strength training exercises

• Those looking for a high-quality barbell for a low price

Who Should Not Buy

• Those who prefer a more traditional whip with a higher degree of flex

• Those looking for a barbell primarily for powerlifting (this bar is not suitable for performing the three main powerlifting exercises)

• Those looking for a barbell for activities other than general barbell strength training (i.e. static stretching or pendulum swings)


• 25mm Diameter Shaft

• 200,000 PSI Tensile Strength Steel

• Knurling for a firm grip, with built-in center knurl

• Dual Markings for Olympic and Power Lifting

• OSS-50 Sleeved Bushing System

• Bushings lubricated with Rogues proprietary oil blend for low maintenance and superior performance

• Available in black zinc and bare steel finishes

Boneyard Rogue Training BarBoneyard Rogue Women’s Training BarBrand/Model
25 mm shaft diameter25 mm shaft diameterEleiko Olympian Training WL Bar
Dual Knurl RingsDual Knurl RingsAmerican Barbell Infinity Bar
196k tensile strength190k tensile strengthKonigthor Strength Training Bar
Axle length: 16.40”Axle Length: 16.4”Ivanko OBXF Training Bar
Bronze bushingsBronze Bushings
Dual knurling patternDual Knurling Pattern
Various CoatingsVarious Coatings

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